Emaciated dog found at gas station – Florida woman facing charges

The discovery of an emaciated dog, found at a gas station in Sarasota, has led to charges against a Bradenton, Florida woman. According to NBC 2 News, the skeletal dog had an embedded microchip … Read More

Update on Montclair road rage when tiny dog pulled out of vehicle and thrown 10 feet

In Montclair, New Jersey, a road rage issue was caught on video after the driver of one of the vehicles involved reached for a tiny dog and threw it nearly ten feet onto the sidewalk. … Read More

German shepherd in life-or-death situation brought to vet clinic by police officer

A young German shepherd dubbed “Army” is lucky to be alive. Recently, the handsome, one-year-old dog was found with grievous injuries by a police officer in Santa Ana, California.

The compassionate officer took the injured … Read More

Men’s attempt to shoot and bury dog in the woods thwarted by officer

Two men, who were preparing to shoot a dog and then bury the dog’s body in the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, were thwarted in their attempt to commit the cruel act when … Read More

Dog believed to have been protecting owner when beaten to death with a bat

A dog in Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania, is believed to have given his life while trying to protect his owner from a man who launched a violent rampage with a baseball bat last week.  According to … Read More

Surrendered dog is so scared that she won’t walk

A dog named “Miracle” is in need of a miracle. The three-year-old mixed breed terrier was surrendered to the Carson Animal Services facility in California on March 11 and video taken shortly after she lost … Read More

Long Island man sentenced to jail for throwing dog from third story window

A Long Island man has been sentenced to jail after throwing a Chihuahua out of a third story window in August 2016. Dorian Quezada, 21, pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty in front of Queens … Read More

Abandoned – emaciated dog left tied to fence when owners moved

An emaciated dog has been taken in at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter (California) after being abandoned by her owners. On Tuesday, the Save SBC Shelter Pups Facebook page explained the terrible way that … Read More

Rescuers blacklisted from shelters after dogs found dumped in another county

Two animal shelters in Arizona have blacklisted “rescuers” from pulling dogs from their facilities after it was revealed that dogs pulled from one animal control agency had been dumped months later at a different shelter … Read More

Shelter seeks information after second German shepherd found deceased

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) is seeking information from the public after finding two German shepherds discarded in suspicious manners within a close proximity of time. According to the … Read More