Nearly 50 dogs and cats removed from San Antonio hoarder home

In San Antonio, Texas, animal cruelty investigators removed 35 dogs, four cats, six chickens and one parrot from a home on Wednesday morning one by one, reports MySanAntonio.

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This is what happens when someone surrenders their dog

Have you ever stopped to think about the emotional toll that is taken on dogs who are surrendered to shelters? On September 14, Tammy Graves, of the Haley Graves Foundation Inc., captured a poignant photo … Read More

Heartbroken dog seems to know he is being surrendered

Update 9/18/16: Toto has been adopted!

A heartbroken little dog named “Toto,” seemed to know what his fate was when he was walked into a busy California animal control agency on Friday. The three-year-old Chihuahua … Read More