Helping Susie: Meanest deed an owner could do to their dog

What happened to Susie? Surely this senior poodle didn’t just wander away from her soft bed? On Tuesday evening, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called to help. Estimated to be between 12 and 14-years-old, Susie … Read More

Stranded pooch named Willie Nelson rescued by coolest Myrtle Beach cop

As if Myrtle Beach, South Carolina isn’t one of the coolest vacation spots in the southeast, it should also brag about its police officer who rescued Willie Nelson – yes admittedly this Willie Nelson is … Read More

Dog dragged for more than a mile when he fell out of pickup truck

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Breaking our hearts: Help needed for senior Chi Honey Bee

Little Honey Bee is breaking hearts. His sad little brown eyes look up at everyone as they pass by his shelter cage in the medical section of Carson Animal Care Center. His shelter information includes … Read More

Warrant issued for man suspected of trapping puppy in cage at rising tide

A warrant was issued on Friday by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office in connection with a heartbreaking case concerning a friendly puppy trapped in a wire cage and left to drown at bay front during … Read More

Terrified poodle hid in oven and survived Greece fire

A terrified, tiny poodle hid in an outdoor oven and miraculously survived one of the deadly fires in Mati, Greece. His coat was singed yellow, his eyelashes had been burned away, and his breathing was … Read More

Addie: Just 3-years-old, abused to breed and then tossed away

A friendly and lovable three-year-old female bulldog was tossed away. On July 30, Addie was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center; she had no microchip nor did she wear a collar. Shelter staff and … Read More

Viral video of husky puppy abuse raises social media outrage

When a video quickly went viral on social media Friday evening, showing a woman from Leroy, Illinois tackling a Siberian husky to the floor and abusing him while the frightened puppy screamed and struggled, animal … Read More

Unconscious dog collapsed in a field makes miraculous recovery

It had been in the area surrounding  Udaipur, Rajasthan when rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were called to help an unconscious dog that had collapsed in a field. Half of her face was submerged in … Read More

Man saves his dog from flooded street in central Pennsylvania

In Washingtonville, Pennsylvania, a photo of a man carrying his dog through a waist deep flooded street in central Pennsylvania reminds us how saving the  lives of our four-legged friends remain a top priority. The … Read More