Pastor Drake and church members carry soaked, abandoned pets to safety

When Pastor Matthew Drake and two church members were out in a boat on Friday afternoon trying to rescue people from flood conditions produced by Hurricane Florence, the men couldn’t turn their backs on the … Read More

Something awful was tied around Teddy’s muzzle for a long time

Something awful had been tied around Teddy’s muzzle for an extended period of time. The deep, sharp wounds cut clear down to his bones; the infection was deep and the young dog’s pain had to … Read More

Bay Shore man charged with starving dachshund ‘Miss Pretty’

A Bay Shore, New York man has been charged with animal cruelty for starving his seven-year-old dachshund “Miss Pretty.” Detectives with the Suffolk County SPCA and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department arrested Craig Tenzer on … Read More

Funds needed to keep dog ‘Captain’ from being euthanized

Captain, an almost two-year-old male terrier/Dogo Argentino mix has not done very well being the captain of his own destiny.  He was born 12/23/16 to a mother who was a stray and has just lost … Read More

Owner would have dumped bonded seniors in shelter parking lot

A bonded pair of senior dogs would have been dumped in the shelter parking lot, had Riverside Animal Shelter not been able to take the dogs. According to a volunteer, the heartbreaking story for these … Read More

Poor Gus: Rescued stray with shoelace embedded in his neck

An emergency plea went out in Houston earlier in the week when an animal advocate spotted a dog in  dire need of help; his head swollen to at least twice its normal size and wandering … Read More

Abandoned by their owners: Tragedy of the Iowa ‘forest dogs’

When two hikers called Amy Heinz, the founder of AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, and told her they found dozens of abandoned dogs in a south-central Iowa forest, Heinz and other volunteers of the rescue … Read More

Heartbreaking: Dog’s loving glances towards the owner who betrays her

In a heartbreaking ten second video at an overcrowded Texas animal shelter in Paris, a dog’s loving glances towards her owner barely evokes any reaction. The dog stands as close to her owner  as she … Read More

Violet: Surrendered at 20-years-old when her family became homeless

On Sunday, Violet was surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Shelter when her family became homeless. While it’s almost unimaginable that anyone could part with their 20-year-old dog, try explaining that to this senior shepherd … Read More

Dog thrown from car onto Florida turnpike: Remains sweet and loving

Referred to as the “turnpike baby,” had it not been for a Good Samaritan in the Orlando, Florida area, another sweet dog surely would have died lying on the side of the road of the … Read More