Brave Pongo seriously injured and suffering, remains so sweet

Pongo was nearly a statistic in a Texas shelter over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The high-kill shelter gave the young dog until 1:00 for an approved rescue to step forward to help her; the only … Read More

Update on Olivia: Abandoned and left to die on old mattress

In the middle of the night in Houston last week, Olivia waited; we don’t know for whom, but her story has been truly heartbreaking. Unable to walk, she watched; in excruciating pain she curled up … Read More

Update on Rosaleen: Neglected senior found by deceased owner’s side

Ten-year-old Rosaleen has been neglected for a long time, and when her owner died, the faithful dog stayed at the side of her deceased owner. She was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center, and … Read More

Badly burned dog guarded home in Camp Fire after she was left behind

A badly burned dog guarded the only home left standing in the Camp Fire, after her owners evacuated just before the blaze broke out. When a family friend returned to the Paradise neighborhood three days … Read More

Warrior: Fighting back the neglect at brink of dying

Rescuers named him Warrior. Despite the heartbreaking neglect suffered by this stray, Warrior fights to stay alive. On Wednesday night, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received an urgent plea from the New York City Animal Care … Read More

Update: Dog with embedded collar saved by the thump of wagging tail

A stray dog, with a deeply embedded collar was finally captured on Wednesday; it was the thump of her wagging tail that helped the animal control officer pinpoint her location. Suffering in excruciating pain, the … Read More

Blind and deaf senior dog survived fall down 30-foot cliff

On San Juan Island, Washington, a nearly blind and deaf, 14-year-old Golden retriever miraculously survived a fall down a 30-foot cliff last Monday evening.

The dog, named Cowboy is owned by Gretchen Bailey who stated … Read More

Meet one of China’s slaughterhouse survivors

Meet one of China’s slaughterhouse survivors. No doubt her rescue is miraculous and thanks to Harbin SHS, a non profit in Heilongjiang, China, many more dogs just like this sad face will have the … Read More

Update on Flash: Dog who knew no one wanted him

Just days ago, the heartbreaking photo of Flash quickly went viral. Could it have been any sadder than to know this one-and-a-half-year-old male Siberian husky mix realized his family had abandoned him? Was it because … Read More

Dog trapped and unable to move between two walls for three days

For three days, a dog remained trapped and unable to move between two walls in Hyderabad, India. In a rescue operation on Wednesday night, rescuers were successful in freeing the pooch trapped in the narrow … Read More