Rescued shelter pit bull saves life of newborn fawn

In Paupack Township, Pennsylvania, a 100-pound Great Dane and pit bull mix named Willow became a newborn fawn’s surrogate mother for a short time after the baby’s mother was scared away by an approaching bear, … Read More

Stolen dog found hundreds of miles from home

A dog, stolen from a family’s yard in Colorado five years ago, has been found hundreds of miles away in Missouri. According to Wednesday’s 9 News, the St. Bernard named “Missy,” was found on … Read More

Judge orders Portland woman banned for life from ever owning dogs

A Portland woman has been banned from ever owning or caring for dogs again after she mistreated her pets; one of which had to be euthanized, reports The Tennessean.

On September 16, Amber Mittelstrasser, … Read More

Virginia dog groomer seen on video abusing pooch guilty of animal cruelty

In Williamsburg, a pet salon groomer roughly handling a dog went viral on social media in less than two days garnering more than 60,000 views, reports WtkrNews.

According to Williamsburg Police, a former employee of … Read More

Virginia man sentenced to 5 years in prison for stabbing dog to death

In Virginia Beach a man was sentenced to the maximum penalty of five years in prison after he was found guilty of felony animal cruelty for strangling and stabbing a dog to death, reports WavyNews.Read More

Naked man caught ‘in the act’ sexually assaulting dog

One week ago, a naked man in Georgia was allegedly caught in the act of sexually assaulting a dog, reported the Statesboro Herald. The man accused of the vile act has been identified as … Read More

Chihuahua rescued from 6-foot deep drain pipe

In San Diego, California, one frightened, tiny Chihuahua trapped in a six-foot storm drain owes her life to another dog, reports AbcNews10.

In Lincoln Park, some Good Samaritans noticed a dog peering into an eight-inch … Read More

Man who beat dog with bat found guilty of animal torture

A Battle Creek, Michigan man, who severely beat a dog with an aluminum bat, has been found guilty of animal torture. According to the Detroit Free Press, a jury deliberated for less than three … Read More