Badly neglected dog could barely move when he was found

Days ago, a badly neglected dog was discovered in Leisure City, Florida. The young dog, estimated to be just two or three years of age, was so weak when he was found that he could … Read More

Senior ‘stray’ dog appears to have never known love

A senior dog, who is listed as a “stray” at the Los Angeles Animal Services – East Valley Shelter (California) appears to have never known love. The dog, believed to be a 12-year-old toy poodle, … Read More

Dead and dying dogs in yard where family enjoyed BBQ

A surreal situation greeted rescuers who were on hand to remove dead and dying dogs from a woman’s property in Long Island, New York. According to Monday’s publication of the New York Daily News, … Read More

Three-legged dog left to die on side of road

A three-legged dog, in a pitiful state of health, was left to die by the side of a road. According to the non-profit agency, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, the dog, dubbed “Marigold,” likely would have … Read More