3 cruel men thrash and blind pregnant dog for straying onto farm

In another horrifying incident of extreme cruelty to animals, in the village of Raipur Khurd, Mohali, India, three brothers have been accused of beating a pregnant dog, stabbing her in the eyes and hanging her … Read More

Texas man sentenced to jail for stealing back 24 dogs after they were seized

An Iowa Park, Texas was sentenced to jail on Friday after pleading guilty to stealing back 24 dogs confiscated from him in an animal cruelty case last year, reports the Dallas News.

In a plea … Read More

Cesar, pit bull in Staten Island held For 6 months on false Allegations

It seems BSL is continuing to rear its ugly head, not only in the controversial activities of Montreal but here in the United States as well. Dogs are being seized from their families on the … Read More

Heartbreaking cruelty as Great Dane intentionally starved by owner

sampson-nycIn a disturbing case of animal cruelty and torture in Baltimore, Maryland, a  Great Dane, named Sampson, was too weak to even lift his head after having been intentionally starved.  Currently Sampson continues to fight … Read More

Man throws puppies from 4th floor porch and threatens to kill police officers

In Holyoke, Massachusetts, a local resident is alleged to have tossed a pair of puppies off a fourth-floor balcony and then threatened to kill police officers from the Holyoke Police Department. According to MassLive, the … Read More

Aussie pup Mattie drags leg for weeks: Rescued in nick of time

Meet Mattie – a beautiful Aussie in rural North Carolina, who was abandoned by all those who cared about her as a tiny puppy and countless others, who just passed her by for the past … Read More

Family finds missing dog skinned on fenced property

A family in Salmon Creek, Washington, is grieving the unexpected and cruel loss of their dog, who they say was found dead and skinned on their fenced-in property. According to Monday’s ABC 10 News, … Read More

Man repeatedly stabbing dog in fenced yard caught on video

A Houston family watched their home surveillance video in horror which showed a man walking by their fenced in yard repeatedly stabbing one of their dogs. According to Abc13News, Veronica Castro and her family … Read More

Falkor update: Abused dog receiving emergency treatment

Falkor, a Sharpei and ChowChow mix, had been repeatedly beaten with a baseball bat. On Saturday evening, rescue organizations Second  Chance Dogs NYC and Dallas Dog RRR simultaneously reached out to their supporters asking for … Read More

Tiny pup found in mud pit with gunshot wounds

A tiny pup is on the mend after being found with severe injuries in a mud pit on property in Ohio. The pup, dubbed “Lilleth,” was discovered thanks to an anonymous call made to humane … Read More