Orangutan dad takes over raising baby after mom died at Denver Zoo

Male orangutans normally do not have much of a role in raising their babies, however Denver Zoo orangutan Berani has stepped up to the plate and eagerly accepted becoming “Mr. Mom.”

According to the Denver Read More

Denver Zoo asking supporters to help feed 3,000 inhabitants since Covid-19 pandemic

In Denver, the zoo accommodates more than 3,000 inhabitants with a variety of dining demands daily. At the Denver Zoo more than 450 species are hungry every day and depend on their caretakers for carefully … Read More

Mother Komodo dragon produced babies: ‘She don’t need no man’

At the Denver Zoo, a Komodo dragon named Kristica, has two new babies, and she did it all without a male partner. The “she don’t need no man” refrain is just there for the drama … Read More