Owner had been using home remedies on ailing senior dog

In Dallas, Texas, a 13-year-old mastiff blend was surrendered to the shelter in serious condition.

“I have no idea how long he has been in this condition they said they were using home remedies to

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Update on Weimaraner left at shelter struggling for days to walk

At the San Antonio Animal Care Center in Texas, a Weimaraner sat for days struggling to walk; she appeared to be in pain and needed help quickly. Her heartbreaking story was shared more than a … Read More

Stray mother dog still lactating finds her puppies with help from a hero

As temperatures plunged into the 30s earlier this week, a stray mother dog left her newborn puppies in their hiding place in search of food. At the same time, a Good Samaritan spotted her near … Read More

Terrified puppies desperately need foster care intervention

Three terrified puppies in the Dallas area; the look on their tiny faces tell their story. They barely started their lives when an owner decided on Monday morning to surrender them to a shelter.


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Paralyzed ‘Otillia’ left chained to a tree with no food or water

A paralyzed dog had been left chained and tangled up to a tree unable to access food or water. Accompanied by local animal control officers on Wednesday afternoon, Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform arrived to help the … Read More

Neglected puppy dumped in sugar cane field off deserted road

A neglected puppy dumped in a sugar cane field miles out of town in Dallas has been rescued. The five-month-old puppy had been abandoned off a rarely traveled road.

“This puppy was found in a

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Dog covered in ticks and tumors: Backyard breeder neglect

Meet “Mama Rosita.” When an overcrowded shelter near Dallas, Texas contacted Dallas DogRRR – Rescue, Rehab. Reform and asked if they could help, rescuers were shocked when they met the dog.


“… ticks and

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Stray pup heavily infected with ticks rescued by a village of compassion

In Donna, Texas, even the most stoic rescuers were shocked when a dog was brought into the rural animal shelter on Tuesday heavily infected with ticks. No one could even imagine the suffering this sweet … Read More

Update on two heavily pregnant dogs dragged into shelter

At the Greenville Animal Shelter in Texas, a disturbing video went viral late last week. Two dogs, found as strays, were shown being dragged into the shelter – the dogs heavily pregnant and both scared … Read More

South Texas shelter failure: ‘What did she do wrong?’

She was so scared she sat in the corner of a small South Texas shelter. Broken, scared and fearful, but why? What did this dog do wrong that someone neglected her for such a long … Read More