Heartbreaking update on puppy entangled in debris rescued under mobile home

No one knows how long an abandoned, tiny puppy hid under a mobile home in Dallas and would not come out because he was stuck and tangled up by his legs. For days rescuers with … Read More

Three newborn kittens lost their mama after she was run over by a car

In the Rio Grand Valley of Texas, three newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached, became orphans on Tuesday after their mother was run over and killed by a car.

As resources in South … Read More

Puppy caught in trap for days chewed off her foot to try and escape

On Sunday, Jarah was found in Conroe, Texas after having been left in a trap for days. A report from the rescue group, Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform states the owner of the trap allegedly knew … Read More

Homeless woman and her tiny chihuahua share their heartbreaking story with Dallas rescue

A volunteer from the Dallas Dog-Rescue.Rehab.Reform stumbled upon a heartbreaking situation Monday morning. Just hours later, Good Samaritans across social media already stepped up to help.

Lisa and her chihuahua named Brenda are homeless in … Read More

Pup survived Texas deep freeze with a boundless will to live

An emaciated and sick stray pup found on Monday hiding under a home in rural South Texas somehow managed to survive the deep freeze just a few weeks ago. His rescuers from Dallas Dog Rescue Read More

Five-week-old puppy dumped alongside of road left crying and dying

Along the vast dumping grounds in South Texas, where no homes can be seen for miles and miles, an especially astute animal control officer found a five-week-old puppy left along the side of the road … Read More

Entire litter of seriously ill puppies found in duffel bag along railroad tracks

A litter of seven seriously ill puppies had been stuffed into a duffel bag and abandoned along the railroad tracks in Wilmer, Texas on Saturday night. Temperatures outside were in the low 40s. A kind … Read More

Skin and bones senior dog with face trauma rushed to lifesaving care

On Monday, tiny Elijah was brought up to the Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform from South Florida. The senior Chihuahua had been brought into a local shelter with trauma to his face; he was just skin … Read More

Starving Chihuahua spotted eating trash and fleeing into drain pipe saved by kind hearts

A Good Samaritan who had been on her way to Kaufman, Texas on Saturday spotted a tiny, starving Chihuahua with an injured leg eating trash on the side of the road. The kind woman stopped … Read More

Neglected pup was an owner surrender but a Christmas miracle helped to save his life

In the Dallas area of Texas, a neglected dog had been surrendered by his owner just before Christmas. A neighbor had contacted the local animal control to report a terribly neglected dog in need of … Read More