Dachshund puppy shakes in fear at California shelter

A one-year-old female Dachshund arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center on Saturday as a stray. She shivers in fright from the noise and strangers passing by her shelter cage. Today this little one is … Read More

Little dachshund rescued from edge of Sunshine Skyway Bridge

A little dachshund was rescued from the edge of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge  in Pinellas County on Sunday. The dog was spotted walking south in the northbound lane before jumping on the bridge’s incline and … Read More

A ‘village’ of rescuers saved shelter dachshund from euthanasia

“It takes a village to raise a child,” may have become a popular proverb, but no doubt it took a village to enable the rescue of a dachshund surrendered by his owner who ordered the … Read More

Tiny dachshund ballooned to 3 times his size after windpipe punctured

A tiny dachshund ballooned to three times his size on Tuesday after its punctured windpipe caused the dog to inflate with every breath he took as it escaped into his body.

According to the Daily Read More