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Trump admin to let trophy hunter import rare black rhino parts to US

The Fish and Wildlife Services (WFS) have granted the approval to a trophy hunter from Michigan to import the remains of a rare black rhinoceros he killed in Africa. Environmental groups have criticized the approval, … Read More

Rare black rhino born in view of tourists at Chester Zoo

An endangered, rare black rhino was born in full view of tourists at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England on Saturday. Malindi delivered a bouncing, baby rhino in about 15 minutes after a 15-month pregnancy. … Read More

Black rhino treated at Chicago zoo for nasal blockage using CT scanner

A black rhino named Layla, who lives at a Chicago zoo, underwent what is believed to be the first CT (computer tomography) ever performed on her species. The seven-and-a-half, 2,300 pound rhinoceros was being treated … Read More