Bengal tiger cub spotted in Houston neighborhood still missing

Talk about seeing something strange and wondering if it’s real? On Sunday, a man had to pinch himself when he looked out the window and spotted a Bengal tiger walking across his front yard.

According … Read More

Bengal tiger attacks rescue’s founder during heavy rain storm

In Phoenix, a Bengal tiger attacked the founder of Keepers of the Wild during a heavy rain and lightning storm. According to a press release issued by the northwestern Arizona animal sanctuary, Bowie the tiger … Read More

Mystery of Bengal tiger roaming near Atlanta shot and killed solved

Authorities have solved the mystery of a Bengal tiger found roaming in metro Atlanta on Wednesday. The animal had quietly slipped out of her enclosure while he was being transported – sadly police shot her … Read More

Tiger attacked trainer at Florida fair during performance

In Pensacola, Florida a tiger attacked his trainer at the Pensacola Interstate Fair on Wednesday after the owner of the show tripped and fell down. According to WearTV, Vicenta Pages was grabbed by the … Read More