Disfigured Rottweiler with ears and nose cut off finds new home

The Michigan Humane Society announced Tuesday afternoon the exciting news about Baron – the disfigured Rottweiler who had been discovered with his ears, nose and tail cut off has found his new home.Baron has new home 2

“We would

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‘Look at me now’: Surgeons give mutilated dog a new muzzle

On Friday morning, the Michigan Humane Society posted a new photograph of Baron, the severely mutilated dog found wandering the streets of Detroit last month after his ears, nose and tail had been chopped off. … Read More

Rottweiler found with severed nose, ears and tail gets reconstructive surgery

On Wednesday, the stray Rottweiler dubbed Baron discovered last month wandering in southwest Detroit, underwent reconstructive surgery. Earlier in the afternoon, the Michigan Humane Society posted an update on the friendly dog, whose nose and … Read More