Heartbreaking intake: Scared dog realizes his owner is leaving

In Lost Angeles County at the Agoura Animal Care Center, a scared dog realized in moments that his owner was deserting him. Tragically, the heartbreaking intake for surrendering a dog is a scene played … Read More

Heartbreaker: Bedraggled pup needs a home filled with love

At the Friends of the Memphis Animal Shelter, a young, bedraggled pup needs a home filled with love. When rescued, he was in such deplorable condition, his head sank in. His coat has all … Read More

A final goodbye: Miami shelter pup just wants a second chance

On Tuesday, it will be a final goodbye for Honey. She will take her last breath after being caged at the Miami-Dade Animal Services since April 7, where she has been hidden away in the … Read More

Update: Senior used to be ‘someone’s dog’ but now too old

Heartbreaking photos tragically told the story of a senior who used to be “someone’s dog” – that is until she got too old. On Friday evening, Dallas DogRRR -Rescue. Rehab. Reform volunteers noticed the dog’s … Read More

Cruel owner dragged Eliza out of his truck and abandoned her

In Pendleton, South Carolina, authorities with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division are asking for the public’s help identifying the person who dragged Eliza out of a truck on McMurtrey Road in Pendleton.… Read More

Neglected and starved but dog’s forgiveness is amazing

In the Raleigh, North Carolina area, a neglected and starved dog had been scavenging for food when he was picked up by Animal Control. The local shelter wanted assistance with the very friendly dog; her … Read More

Man arrested for ‘fishing for cats’ using baited hooks

In Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, a man turned himself into authorities after admitting he had been “fishing for cats” using a meat baited hook. Kenny Rowles, 27, was arrested on Tuesday and taken to jail.

According to … Read More

Severe chemical wounds found on rescued stray, but he is still loving

In Columbus, Ohio, a small dog was found over the weekend with what appeared to be severe chemical wounds. Roaming the area near South Champion Avenue, the dog’s injuries cover nearly his entire body.

FIDO’s Read More

Owner washed tiny Maltese in bleach to make her coat whiter

In a late night rescue near Miami, a tiny Maltese was rescued Monday evening from a local shelter after having been surrendered. The senior pooch had been bathed in bleach by her owner to make … Read More

Update on King James: Dog who lived in agony in front of owners

In Fort Worth, Texas, where animal abuse and cruelty often goes unchecked, King James lived in agony alone in his owner’s backyard for several weeks if not months. A heavy chain nearly strangled him to … Read More