Shelter dog has movie star looks but still no home for Ryder


At the East Valley Los Angeles Shelter in California, Ryder is back in a cage. A dog with movie star looks, yet no one wants to help him, and so he sits and waits … Read More

Faithful dog waited on bridge for 4 days after his owner jumped into the river

In Wuhan, China, a faithful dog waited on the Yangtze Bridge for four days after watching his owner commit suicide by jumping off the bridge into the river. The heartbreaking photos have touched the hearts … Read More

Invasive species bufo toads are toxic and can kill pets

The fat, warty cane or bufo toads have been making uninvited appearances all over South Florida. The heavy rains have brought them out of their burrows and given them ample amounts of water to breed. … Read More

Shepherd’s life turned upside down and now she may die

This two-year-old German shepherd has had her life and her world turned upside down. She was found wandering around the San Bernardino Airport in California and brought to the Devore Shelter. Now she is on … Read More

‘Look at me!’ Belgian Malinois puppy needs foster home in Florida

There has hardly been a breed of dogs that have not walked through the doors of an animal shelter in the United States. Some of the dogs were lost, some were mistreated, some were not … Read More

Child lauded as hero after rescuing ailing street dog while others looked away

In Texas, a young boy has been lauded as a hero after he refused to give up on helping an ailing street dog, even as hundreds of people turned away. Rescue Every Dog, a … Read More

Rescuers free stray dog stuck under van for days

A scared, stray dog can look forward to a much better life after Precinct One animal cruelty investigators and the Houston SPCA rescued her after she became stuck under a van in the backyard of … Read More

Update on Milly run over by a car and dragged

Milly was brought into a Texas shelter one week ago.  She had been found  in the Rio Grande Valley after having been run over by a car, dragged and left at the entrance of a … Read More

Owner surrendered senior dog to shelter because no time to secure yard

RESCUED! Many thanks to everyone who helped.

Meet Blackley, a 12-year-old Border collie brought to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California over the Memorial Day weekend. His owner picked him up, but on June 4 … Read More

Topeka police investigate video of cat thrown and hitting car windshield

In Topeka, Kansas, police were asked to investigate a disturbing video of a juvenile throwing a cat into the air and laughing as the defenseless animal landed on the windshield of a car with a … Read More