Cat rescued after his four paws froze to the ground

In what should be referred to as a “pawsome” deed, a lucky cat was rescued from freezing to death after his four paws froze to the ground in the mountainous Urals city of Zlatoust, Siberia. … Read More

Five-month-old puppy rescued from streets in nick of time

In Fort Worth, Texas, a neglected five-month-old puppy spent nearly her entire life fending for herself. Her past – although extremely brief is unknown, but a dog so young and abandoned on the streets, most … Read More

Viral video catches woman throwing a cat off third-floor balcony

In Newark, New Jersey, a woman has been charged with animal cruelty and assault on Saturday after a disturbing viral video caught her throwing a cat off a third-floor balcony. According to, Tikeemah … Read More

Bulldog left to die

In Reiglewood, North Carolina a white bulldog was shot, bludgeoned and left to die. According to Animal Control, the dog was discovered near the Bladen County line and had been shot through the head and … Read More

Man sentenced to prison for beating dog to death with shovel

A Riverside, California man was sentenced to prison on Thursday for beating a stray dog to death with a shovel. According to CbsLANews, Efrem Rodriquez Martinez, 55, will spend the next five years locked up … Read More

Family’s pet pig survived devastating fire in Gatlinburg

When wildfires forced the family of Rob Holmes to evacuate from their Servier County home on Monday, they were forced to leave everything behind. How the family’s pet pig survived the devastating fire in Gatlinburg … Read More

Firefighters spent 9 hours rescuing dog trapped underground

In Iwerne Minister, Dorset, United Kingdom, firefighters spent 9 hours rescuing an eight-year-old dog that ended up underground after making her way from an empty stream at the end of her garden into an old … Read More

Heartbreaking: Adorable bonded pair with no one left to love

benji-and-bruno-2All you have to do is look at their faces, and it’s quite apparent how utterly miserable Benji and Bruno are after they were surrendered on November 30 by their former human companion. The adorable … Read More

Dumped shepherd and puppy tried to come home: Owner locked the door instead

A purebred German shepherd and her bonded four-month-old puppy pal were no longer wanted. One day their owner opened up the door in their Dallas, Texas home and shooed them both away. Artessa and Allie … Read More

Alone and suffering, rescuers swoop in for Matteo’s last chance

In a remote area of Dallas, Texas, where dogs are regularly abandoned by their heartless owners with barely a moment of regret, most do not survive. They become ill, they starve, they fight or are … Read More