Dog tossed from moving car when he refused to fight

A one-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux may have been done a favor on Friday when a heartless culprit tossed him from a moving car in a rural part of Kershaw County, South Carolina. According to Rescue Read More

Dog discovered with nose and toes cut off being nursed back to health

In a case of shocking animal cruelty in Kansas City, Missouri, a young Boxer, with his nose and toes cut off, is being nursed back to health by local animal rescue group, Midwest Animal ResQ.Read More

With a huge smile, shelter dog waiting to be adopted

With a huge smile like this, shouldn’t adopters be lining up to offer this young dog a home? Let’s hope so, but sharing her adorable photo on social media will hopefully help to find that … Read More

Goliath, gentle giant at high kill shelter

Update: Rescued!

A picture paints a thousand words and the photo of Goliath, a seven year old Pit Bull/English Bulldog at the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles, California says it all. With his head … Read More

Emaciated dogs left to starve after owner abandons them during hurricane

Investigators in Brevard County, Florida are searching for the owners of two emaciated dogs left to starve in a home in Grant Valkaria. According to the Facebook page of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, on … Read More

Sick and urgent: Neglected beagle dumped at Miami shelter

What has happened to Nena should not happen to any dog. The neglected beagle – just seven-years-old, now only has Friday as her deadline or she will be euthanized at the Miami-Dade Animal Services if … Read More

Woman videoed beating her dog with broomstick handle

In Brockton, Massachusetts a woman faces animal cruelty charges after a video of a woman beating her dog with a broomstick handle was posted on social media Thursday morning. The woman is seen screaming at … Read More

Frightened mother dog cradles newborn puppies at shelter

In Orlando, Florida, a frightened mother dog gave birth to three puppies at the open admissions Orange County Animal Services. What could be more emotional than a mother protecting her babies? Animal advocate, Chris Ferreira … Read More

Kittens legs bound with rubber bands: Used as ‘bait’ for dog fighting

The sight of two tiny kittens with their legs bound by rubber bands brought everyone at the Pet Food Express store in Benicia, California to tears. They were defenseless little ones used as “bait” for … Read More

Chimp at North Korea zoo trained to chain smoke cigarettes as attraction

Azalea is a 19-year-old chimp who has had the  bad luck to be part of Kim Jong Un’s  North Korea zoo in Pyongyang. According to the Guardian, notwithstanding the usual neglect and prison status … Read More