Neglect cases just want to make us cry and this is one…

Neglect cases involving animals are all too common, and the discovery of a dog early Friday morning in Long Beach, California just wanted to make all of us cry. The heartbreaking photo of the emaciated … Read More

Bulldog drowns in exercise pool as owner videos dog’s last breaths

A French bulldog drowned in an exercise pool on Tuesday at a Chinese pet store as the unwitting owner videoed the  tragic situation and failed to realize her dog had taken its last breaths.

According … Read More

Off the hook: Man who abandoned pet fish not charged with cruelty

The owner of a pet fish arrested in North Carolina last week for animal cruelty charges after the fish was found by deputies late last week “in poor health and swimming in a dirty tank,” … Read More

Dog left to suffer with no food or water at hands of neglectful owner

In Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia, the heartbreaking photo of an emaciated dog chained tightly to a post with no food or water continues to go viral on social media. Now the question remains how to save … Read More

Violet: Victim of extreme neglect and abuse can’t catch a break

Meet Violet; just two-years-old and an innocent victim of neglect and abuse just can’t catch a break. Two weeks ago, the malnourished dog was brought into Lancaster Animal Care and Control in California. I Stand Read More

Someone traumatized this poor dog: Now he needs our help

At the Wichita Animal Shelter, a traumatized dog needs the help of volunteers and animal advocates. Brought in as a stray early last week, his time is running out. Sadly, he is so stressed he … Read More

Urgent rescue needed for beautiful Rottweiler at high intake shelter

An urgent rescue is needed for Scooby. The beautiful Rottweiler arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Pet Adoption and Protection Center just days ago. At that time, he appeared happy and bright although his eyes were … Read More

Owner arrested for abandoning pet fish forced to eat cockroaches to live

The owner of a pet fish was arrested in North Carolina on Wednesday for animal cruelty charges after the fish was found by deputies late last week “in poor health and swimming in a dirty … Read More

9 newborn puppies and their mother abandoned in San Antonio bushes

An abandoned mother dog just gave birth to nine puppies in the bushes in San Antonio, Texas. The puppies, all cuddled together in an effort to stay warm through the cold and rainy temperatures, cried … Read More

Heartbroken German shepherd returned to shelter just days later

A heartbroken German shepherd was returned to a California high-kill animal shelter on Tuesday; just days after he was adopted.

As explained by the San Bernardino City Shelter, the 11-month-old dog, named Milo,

“… was

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