Horribly neglected dogs living in deplorable conditions yet their owner not charged

In Donna, Texas, six terribly neglected Shih Tzus had been living in a 2×2 space outside of a man’s drive-through convenient store. For weeks, a rescuer had been working with the owner of the dogs … Read More

Police officer rescues starving, abused and injured pooch at end of his shift

In the San Pedro area of California, a police officer had been walking through an encampment at the end of his shift on Saturday when he met a starving and injured pooch. Officer Slo Ferara, … Read More

Miami shelter reunites longtime companions but no one wants them

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, Schwabo and Rocky have been reunited and now are able to comfort each other. The bonded pair have been long time companions and were surrendered by their owner. Now their … Read More

Sad update for 15-year-old Nikki surrendered by her homeless owner

A Texas based rescue organization stepped up to help a 15-year-old dog  after an employee of a local Houston hotel called for help thinking a defenseless dog’s owner had abandoned her.  A volunteer from ThisIsHoustonRead More

Broken and defeated dog about to be euth’ed but help came in time

At the Brownsville Animal Shelter in Texas, a broken and defeated stray was scheduled to be euthanized on Friday. Covered in mange and coughing, someone who may have loved her at one time grew bored … Read More

Woman accused of dragging dog on scooter submits motion to reduce charges

In Bakersfield, California, the woman charged with dragging a small dog alongside of an electric scooter has asked a Kern judge to consider a motion to reduce a felony animal cruelty charge to a misdemeanor. … Read More

Scared abandoned puppy did everything he could to be invisible

In Houston, Texas, a tiny, abandoned puppy mastered how to be invisible. Just a few months old likely thrown away as if he was trash, he hid away – avoiding the hottest part of the … Read More

Doberman puppy found stumbling down street covered in bandaids

When a Good Samaritan found a puppy stumbling down Harry Street in Wichita, Kansas on Tuesday covered in bandaids, she reached out for help. The rescue group Beauties and Beasts, Inc reached out and made … Read More

Puppies locked in kennel abandoned in filthy Dallas drug house

An abandoned family of puppies left in a kennel with no food or water at a filthy drug house are being rescued. For days, a volunteer from Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform has been searching for … Read More

Mother dog trying to protect her puppies attacked by two dogs

A mother dog caring for her puppies was attacked over the weekend by two other dogs. With all her strength, the mom fought valiantly protecting her five little ones, but two against one? The other … Read More