Chimp at North Korea zoo trained to chain smoke cigarettes as attraction

Azalea is a 19-year-old chimp who has had the  bad luck to be part of Kim Jong Un’s  North Korea zoo in Pyongyang. According to the Guardian, notwithstanding the usual neglect and prison status … Read More

Efforts underway to rescue suffering young German shepherd

Holly is barely a year old and an unknown cruel owner never thought to take care of the young German shepherd. Instead she was found as a stray roaming the streets and brought to the … Read More

Stray Bolivian dog gets new life after photo tweeted by popular singer

A mangy mutt who roamed the capital city of LaPaz in Bolivia had few chances of ever finding a home until he was spotted by a popular singer who tweeted the poor pooch’s photo on … Read More

Man pleads guilty to 30-minute brutal attack on dog

A Teesside, England man has pleaded guilty to beating a Staffordshire Bull terrier in a 30-minute brutal attack after the dog allegedly bit the man’s nose, reports the Metro.

During the court hearing on Monday, … Read More

Florida rescue saves 73 Great Danes abandoned by owner

In Freeport, Florida, the Alaqua Animal Refuge took custody of 73 Great Danes from an alleged puppy mill operation after the owners could no longer care for the dogs.alaqua-animal-refuge-2

According to the organization’s Facebook page, … Read More

Injured German shepherd dumped on road with duct tape over eyes

An injured German shepherd dumped on the side of the road Monday afternoon in Harris County, Texas, was found with several serious open wounds and duct tape covering her eyes, reports AbcNews.

A Precinct 1 … Read More

Left to fend for himself: 14-year-old Pom’s days are numbered

What must tiny Bailey be thinking? Picked  up as a stray on October 15 and brought to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, the 14-year-old Pom’s days are numbered if he is not rescued this … Read More

Convicted puppy killer jailed for missing court appearances

A convicted puppy killer has been jailed after repeatedly trying to delay sentencing because her “mysterious” lawyer has yet to appear, reports the Advertiser.

Vicki Brown, 59, of Hackham West, Australia, faced sentencing at the … Read More

Outpouring of anger in case of collie left to die in dumpster

In a despicable case of animal cruelty, the High Prairie RCMP Detachment has launched an investigation for information into a collie left to die in a dumpster  Peavine Waste Transfer Site in Alberta, Canada reports … Read More

3 cruel men thrash and blind pregnant dog for straying onto farm

In another horrifying incident of extreme cruelty to animals, in the village of Raipur Khurd, Mohali, India, three brothers have been accused of beating a pregnant dog, stabbing her in the eyes and hanging her … Read More