Terrified dog living in parking lot of trucking company finally captured by determined rescuers

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, located in Sherman Oaks, California, were contacted about a dog that had been living in the parking lot of a trucking company. People had been trying to catch … Read More

Dog cried near beach for attention hoping someone would help her with her newborn puppies

In a beach area near Los Angeles, a dog waiting near a bush cried for help trying to get the attention of beachgoers. Sadly, no one came to her aid, and everyone just ignored her … Read More

Dog previously living with homeless person abandoned and left tied to post for weeks

In Los Angeles, a dog previously living with a homeless person had been abandoned and left tied to a post for two weeks. The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation received a phone call from a … Read More

Celebrity animal activist accused of staging dog slaughterhouse videos

A Los Angeles animal activist has been accused of staging egregious dog killings in slaughterhouse videos in Indonesia, Cambodia and other places in Asia. Marc Ching, the founder of Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, … Read More

Help find the animal abuser videoed slapping tiny Yorkie

In a disturbing video posted on social media, an animal advocacy group is asking for the public’s help identifying the woman seen slapping and hitting a small Yorkshire terrier.

According to the Animal Hope & … Read More

Juvenile charged for swinging French bulldog by leash in viral video

In Savannah, Georgia, the Savannah Police Department and Chatham County Animal Services charged a juvenile on Monday with animal cruelty for swinging a French bulldog puppy by the neck from a leash. The disturbing video … Read More

Burned, beaten Coachella puppy defying all odds against her

In Coachella, California, a heartless culprit discarded a three-week-old puppy in a plastic Walmart bag, and then threw her into the trash. She had been burned, badly beaten and left for dead. And now, just … Read More

Where monsters lurk: Update on abused pup Avery

In a section of Watts, California, monsters lurk. The unspeakable evil is clearly apparent in the faces of the innocent. An abused dog, dubbed Avery, was discovered on Monday with an extension cord tied around … Read More

Reward: $10,000 offered for info on puppy burned with acid and sodomized

The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the egregious abuse of a six-month-old Labrador/pit bull mix puppy. The … Read More