15 newborn puppies huddled to stay warm in freezing cold

In Compton, California, volunteers were asked on Friday to help 15 newborn puppies barely a week old from certain death. All huddled together, the puppies were found in a designated location outdoors in the freezing … Read More

Heartbreaking blind pup running into kennel cage walls

At the San Bernardino City Shelter, a five-year-old, blind Cocker spaniel is in need of emergency help. She is very frightened in her kennel as she waits so cold and alone; the blind pup described … Read More

Abandoned on street, Rotti too scared to move as he cries in his kennel

Bruce used to be someone’s friend, someone’s partner and someone’s companion. The Rottweiler was found abandoned on a street in Miami and brought to  Miami-Dade Animal Services. The staff and volunteers were brought to tears … Read More

Actress Anna Faris pays $5k fine for abandoning pup

Actress Anna Faris paid a $5,000 fine after her dog was found homeless. The emaciated Chihuahua named Pete was found wandering in North Hollywood, California last month. Faris, 39, had adopted the sweet little guy … Read More

Video of German shepherd being abused unsubstantiated

At the Bay Parc Plaza on North Bayshore Drive in Miami, a concerned citizen has expressed her concern about the safety and welfare of a German shepherd who allegedly has been kept outdoors on the … Read More

Inauguration fundraiser: Hunting trip with the Trump sons for $1 million

For one million dollars, there’s the opportunity to start Donald Trump’s presidency off with a bang! Pony up the funds, and the day after the inauguration, a fundraiser entitled “Opening Day,” Donald Trump Jr. and … Read More

Elderly owner died leaving neglected cat with dreadlocks

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a cat was brought to the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center on Thursday after her owner recently passed away. The cat suffered from severe matting; the staff described the years … Read More

Young dog rescued from streets of Tijuana by California rescue group


 The Saving Huey Foundation is a non-profit organization in Winchester, California.  It earned its unique name from a Pit Bull named Huey who was found on the side of the road on Christmas Day, … Read More

Owner dumps 14-year-old dog at shelter to be euth’ed after private vet’s opinion

A very sad update posted on Friday afternoon at 3:50 stated:

“… Symon is Rip. Owner called shelter later on again today to check if they already euthanized him, and why shelter was still holding

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Heartbreaking Ace: Arrived at shelter covered in blood and sores

Ace arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Wednesday covered in blood with oozing sores all over his body. Who knows how long he suffered from the prolonged neglect? How many people walked by him … Read More