Man arrested after ‘inhumane’ conditions found at his puppy mill

A Texas man was arrested after authorities in Jim Wells County discovered conditions described as “inhumane” at his alleged puppy mill operation.  On August 18, the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office announced the rescue of … Read More

Former cop busted for cruelty when dead and starving horses are found

A former cop, with the New York Police Department, has been busted for animal cruelty after investigators found dead and starving horses on her farm in Goshen, New York. According to the Hudson Valley SPCA, Read More

Torture? Family’s missing dog found with holes and fractures on body

One day after a York County, South Carolina, family’s dog disappeared, she returned home with injuries which indicate that she may have been the victim of torture. According to Tuesday’s Fox News, the one-year-old … Read More

Tragic end for small dog found wrapped in garbage bag

Life has ended tragically for a small dog who was found wrapped in a garbage bag and discarded in a dumpster in Staten Island, New York. According to Friday’s ABC 7 News, the injured … Read More

Man accused of duct-taping dog, beating pet with crowbar

A man in Houston, Texas, is accused of committed a heinous act of animal cruelty against his dog. According to Wednesday’s publication of the Houston Press, a dog’s head was wrapped in duct-tape and then … Read More

Man who tortured puppy to death sentenced to ‘some’ jail time

A Salt Lake City, Utah, man who tortured his girlfriend’s puppy to death has been sentenced to “some” jail time. The puppy killer, Mikah Johnson, who was 19-year-old when he tortured and killed the border … Read More