Four-month-old puppy suffered hernia in diaphragm after being kicked

In a disturbing animal cruelty and neglect case from Union, South Carolina, a four-month-old puppy suffered a diaphragmatic hernia after his owners are alleged to have kicked him in the chest. For three days, the … Read More

SPCA investigates video of man hitting small poodle with its legs and muzzle tied

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Singapore are investigating a series of disturbing videos showing a man repeatedly slapping a small poodle with the animal’s legs and muzzle tied up.… Read More

Cruel Egyptian reality special throws ducks, terrifies dogs and dangles monkey

An Egyptian reality television show has been dubbed “cruel” by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after clips from the program showed ducks thrown through the air at people, a monkey dangled by … Read More

84 malnourished, emaciated and matted dogs rescued from horrible puppy mill

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, along with the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office and the assistance of the Tulsa SPCA, rescued 84 malnourished, emaciated and matted dogs living in horrible conditions at an alleged puppy … Read More

Bill to prohibit VA from using dogs for barbaric medical research advances

Proposed legislation from the House appropriators, advancing a Department of Veterans Affairs funding bill which will prohibit the department from using dogs for barbaric medical research, moves on to the House of Representatives next week.… Read More

Ohio SPCA wants felony animal cruelty charges against dog owner

The Ohio SPCA is pushing for felony charges against a Spencerville dog owner after he allegedly starved the dog to death. According to the non-profit animal welfare organization, the black Labrador retriever was removed from … Read More

Mother dog and puppies’ mouths glued shut in cruel act

In Sunbright, Tennessee, a mother dog and her puppies’ mouths were glued shut in a cruel act. The dogs were discovered over the July 4th weekend – their owner had been in the hospital.

According … Read More

Ten neglected puppies abandoned on side of road in 100+ heat

Ten neglected puppies were discovered on Thursday in Alabama on the side of a road where temperatures exceeded 100+ degrees. They were all very sick and needed immediate rescue and veterinary care.

It is not … Read More

Neglected victim of hoarding case had been left in a crate to suffer

Tabitha is a victim; she was rescued from a hoarding case in Louisiana this week by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Her photo has made everyone sad, angry, depressed and at times hopeless. Who would … Read More

Indiana woman faces federal charges in torture of dog and cat videos

In Kokomo, Indiana, a 19-year-old woman faces federal charges in connection with an investigation into the torture of dogs and cats posted to videos on social media. Krystal Scott was arrested on Tuesday and charged … Read More