20 defenseless puppies dumped along side of road in Tyler Texas

On Friday night, 20 defenseless puppies were dumped along the side of a road in Tyler, Texas. It was  Nicholas Pet Haven that came to their rescue. A plea for help went out.

“Last night
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Critically urgent: 4-year-old ‘velvet hippo’ Flower used as breeder dog will be put to sleep at end of day

At the Devore Shelter in California, a critically urgent plea is circulating social media begging for help for the four-year-old “velvet hippo” named Flower. Without a rescue commitment, Flowers will be humanely euthanized at the
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Family Lab retriever dumped at shelter for being ‘aggressive’ after puppy came into home

Sometimes there is just no loyalty, and this issue concerned a six-year-old Labrador retriever who was surrendered to the BARC shelter in Houston because she didn’t like the new puppy that came into the home.… Read More

Homeless dog who wandered streets for months gave up all hope

In a rural Texas community, another homeless dog wandered the streets for months. Life is beyond cruel for the unwanted and lost dogs, and this pup’s physical condition continued to spiral out of control until … Read More

Abandoned dogs and cats left in deplorable conditions filled with trash and feces

On Wednesday, the Animal Charity of Ohio in cooperation with the Mahoning County Dog Warden, entered a vacant home filled with trash, feces and abandoned dogs and cats living in the deplorable conditions.

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Two-pound puppy left in a box for days suffering from urine scalded paws

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, another almost daily emergency involves a severely neglected two-pound puppy left in a cardboard box for days who urinated on herself causing her paws to be so severely … Read More

Houston animal rescue helps dogs needing treatment in Cleveland- including Zorra

A group of volunteers from the Houston animal rescue organization, ThisIsHouston, spent Mother’s Day vaccinating and helping dogs in need of treatment in the area of Cleveland, Texas. Just a few hours after dog … Read More

Even ‘designer’ dogs are abandoned and left out on the streets to die

At a rural shelter in San Antonio, Texas, another abused and neglected dog arrived early this week.

According to RescueDogsRock NYC, who have stepped up to help, this young pup had been left roaming … Read More

Stray dog used to be invisible and not one person helped her until the world had mercy on her

Stella had been invisible to the world for months. The two-year-old dog didn’t have a name or a home, and everyday she struggled to survive -all in a rural Texas city left scavenging for scraps
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Social media outraged at photo showing dog with heavy chain at shelter, but there is more to the story

In Houston, Texas, animal advocates on social media became outraged as a shelter photo of a black and white bulldog revealed a heavy black chain around the dog’s neck. The question repeatedly asked was why … Read More