Loyal dog waits for family after left behind with trash

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Shocking: Dog buried alive with nail through his head

Walkers in Kirkleatham Woods in Redcar, Cleveland, North Yorkshire heard the whimpering sounds of a dog buried alive coming from a heap of dirt on Wednesday. According to the Express, as the couple cleared … Read More

Kittens legs bound with rubber bands: Used as ‘bait’ for dog fighting

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Chimp at North Korea zoo trained to chain smoke cigarettes as attraction

Azalea is a 19-year-old chimp who has had the  bad luck to be part of Kim Jong Un’s  North Korea zoo in Pyongyang. According to the Guardian, notwithstanding the usual neglect and prison status … Read More

Animal cruelty condoned? Dog beating quarterback stays on team

Breck Ruddick, the starting quarterback at Missouri State, was suspended for the entire football season after allegations that he shattered a dog’s jaw. According to PennLive, the University’s coach Dave Steckel stated on Monday, that … Read More

Efforts underway to rescue suffering young German shepherd

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Stray Bolivian dog gets new life after photo tweeted by popular singer

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Deputy shoots tethered family dog while serving summons

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Texas vet Kristen Lindsey loses license for a year in bow and arrow cat killing

In Austin, Texas, Kristen Lindsey learned Tuesday afternoon her license has been suspended for a year after she used a bow and arrow to kill a cat and posted the disturbing photo on Facebook, reports… Read More

Horse dished out justice after kicking student for slapping her on hindquarters

Three people face criminal charges after slapping a Kingston, Ontario police horse during the annual Queen’s University homecoming celebration on Saturday, but not before the horse dished out justice by kicking the student. According to Read More