Bedford shelter worker fatally beats cat after it escapes from cage

An animal shelter employee has been fired and charged with animal cruelty after allegedly authorities state he fatally beat a cat at the Bedford County Animal Shelter in Virginia while cleaning the shelter cages, reports … Read More

Man throws puppies from 4th floor porch and threatens to kill police officers

In Holyoke, Massachusetts, a local resident is alleged to have tossed a pair of puppies off a fourth-floor balcony and then threatened to kill police officers from the Holyoke Police Department. According to MassLive, the … Read More

Aussie pup Mattie drags leg for weeks: Rescued in nick of time

Meet Mattie – a beautiful Aussie in rural North Carolina, who was abandoned by all those who cared about her as a tiny puppy and countless others, who just passed her by for the past … Read More

UPDATE: Just 2-years-old, stray Patrick found in deplorable condition

UPDATE: Patrick has been rescued by Leave No Paws Behind. Check out more of his photos and follow his progress:

“There is a light at the end of this boy’s tunnel and tomorrow I

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Man repeatedly stabbing dog in fenced yard caught on video

A Houston family watched their home surveillance video in horror which showed a man walking by their fenced in yard repeatedly stabbing one of their dogs. According to Abc13News, Veronica Castro and her family … Read More

Falkor update: Abused dog receiving emergency treatment

Falkor, a Sharpei and ChowChow mix, had been repeatedly beaten with a baseball bat. On Saturday evening, rescue organizations Second  Chance Dogs NYC and Dallas Dog RRR simultaneously reached out to their supporters asking for … Read More

Zacko left to starve found comfort on owner’s laundry before he died

A one-year-old puppy named Zacko died a slow, agonizing death as he weakly crawled upon his owner’s laundry for comfort after having been left to starve to death in an empty apartment in Filton, Bristol, … Read More

Manhattan hotel owner suspected of setting dogs on fire

The high profile Manhattan, New York founder of the Dream, Night and Time boutique hotels, Vikram Chatwal, is  under investigation for animal cruelty after witnesses claimed they saw him trying to set two dogs on … Read More

Husky thrown in river to drown with legs bound in wire rescued

In Farmall, South Africa, a disturbing animal cruelty case has been reported when a husky was found in a river with his legs bound in wire in an apparent deliberate attempt to drown the dog. … Read More

Rescue organizations band together to help dog beaten with baseball bat

Although it is beyond comprehension how anyone could be so cruel as to beat a senior dog repeatedly with a baseball bat, the despicable act has been inflicted on a dog from Texas now dubbed … Read More