Lab puppy shot and killed and dumped in trash bag

In Chatsworth, Georgia, a family is trying their best to deal with the horrific discovery of their ten-month-old  puppy that had been shot and killed. Beau, their loving and adorable yellow Labrador retriever, was found … Read More

Warning: Cops can shoot your dog if they enter your home

When a Battle Creek, Michigan couple petitioned the court to hold police officers accountable for shooting and killing their dogs while executing a search warrant looking for evidence of drugs, a 6th Circuit Court judge … Read More

Skeletal dog left to die and rejected by heartless owner

Found roaming the streets of Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, Quincy is another tragic tale of the plight of a shelter dog thrown away by his heartless owner as if he was an old couch. Had … Read More

Maltese dumped in trash with bruises and broken leg

In Mount Hope, Bronx, a building superintendent found a tiny Maltese dumped in a trash can on Monday morning. The severely injured pooch was discovered in the bottom of the garbage bin behind an apartment … Read More

Rescue emergency: Life has not been kind to Alfred

Just a year-and-a-half of age, Alfred has not had a kind life. Found wandering the streets of Miami in search of scraps of food, Animal Control brought him to Miami-Dade Animal Services where staff veterinarians … Read More

Gainesville man alleged to have tied dog to railroad tracks to die

In Hall County, Georgia, a Gainesville man has been arrested in connection with tying a dog to the railroad tracks and leaving him there to be run over by a train. According to WalbNews, Gerardo … Read More

German shepherd nearly froze to death from owner neglect

In Kansas City, Missouri, a German shepherd nearly froze to death after he was left outside chained in the backyard in below zero degree weather. According to Fox News4KC, the dog was rushed to … Read More

15 newborn puppies huddled to stay warm in freezing cold

In Compton, California, volunteers were asked on Friday to help 15 newborn puppies barely a week old from certain death. All huddled together, the puppies were found in a designated location outdoors in the freezing … Read More

Heartbreaking blind pup running into kennel cage walls

At the San Bernardino City Shelter, a five-year-old, blind Cocker spaniel is in need of emergency help. She is very frightened in her kennel as she waits so cold and alone; the blind pup described … Read More

Abandoned on street, Rotti too scared to move as he cries in his kennel

Bruce used to be someone’s friend, someone’s partner and someone’s companion. The Rottweiler was found abandoned on a street in Miami and brought to  Miami-Dade Animal Services. The staff and volunteers were brought to tears … Read More