Emaciated dog found abandoned near service center still trusting and kind

The Wichita Animal Action League received a report from a concerned citizen on Wednesday about an emaciated dog all alone inside of a fenced garden near a community service center. His leash and collar had … Read More

18+ year-old neglected poodle found as a ‘stray’ in need of love and care

An 18+ year-old neglected poodle arrived at the Orange County Animal Care Center on May 27, 2021. The shelter named her Abigail.

The shelter has put out a plea asking for an approved rescue organization … Read More

Recent Amish puppy mill survivor screamed out in pain rushed to emergency hospital for life-saving treatment

Just days ago, a five-year-old Boxer arrived at the Adopt A Boxer Rescue; rescued from an Amish puppy mill. When he arrived, everyone fell in love with Clyde – the quiet, unassuming and sweet dog. … Read More

Dog left with no food or water at abandoned home for days with his legs wrapped in chains

An abandoned dog left for four days with no food or water; his neck and hind legs wrapped in chains, was rescued on Thursday by volunteers from the Humane Society of the Delta.

Meet … Read More

Pure neglect: Dog found standing in middle of the road barely able to walk

In Surgoinsville, Tennessee, a Good Samaritan spotted a dog standing in the middle of the road. This poor dog, a victim of pure neglect, was barely able to move or see.

According to the Hawkins Read More

Stressed puppy unable to adapt to shelter life with no one to help him slated to die today

At the New York City Animal Care Center in Manhattan, a 12-month-old puppy is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday. Sadly, Rudy, a beautiful German shepherd is not doing well adjusting to shelter life, and … Read More

Prankster arrested after YouTube video showed hydrogen balloons attached to dog flying away

In Delhi, India, a prankster made famous for his YouTube prank videos, was arrested on Wednesday for animal cruelty after he posted a video where he attached hydrogen balloons to a small dog’s back and … Read More

Woman jumps into monkey enclosure at El Paso zoo to feed them Cheetos

Over the weekend, a woman jumped into the monkey enclosure at the El Paso Zoo and fed two monkeys named Libby and Sunday,  Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The video was shared on Instagram with the following … Read More

Severely abused cocker spaniel found tied to a fence in Brooklyn

An emergency rescue is currently underway by Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue. The 10-year-old emaciated male dog was found tied to a fence in Brooklyn. The shelter named him Saul.

Saul has been a … Read More

Evil man brutally attacked dog with machete intending to kill her

Near San Antonio, Texas, an evil man attacked a neighborhood dog with a machete on Sunday morning. Animal Control officers were told by neighbors the man meant to kill the dog.

According to Rescue Dogs Read More