Two-year-old child thought he was playing with a ‘turtle’ until his dad spotted an alligator

In Jacksonville, Florida, a two-year-old child had spotted a “turtle” in a sewer opening outside of a local restaurant, but it turned out to be an alligator. Joseph Brenner posted the dangerous encounter on Reddit … Read More

South Carolina woman killed by alligator as she tried to pet it

In Kiawah Island, South Carolina, a 58-year-old woman was killed by an alligator as she waded into a pond and tried to pet the reptile. Cynthia Covert reportedly went down to a pond behind the … Read More

Police remove alligator living in basement for 25 years

The Madison Township Police Department in Groveport, Ohio removed a large alligator on Friday that had been living in a man’s basement for 25 years.

“There’s some things they just don’t teach you in the

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Monster gator that ate ducks and dogs captured and killed in backyard lake

A monster gator that had grown too big for the lake he lived in behind an Orlando, Florida residential neighborhood was captured and killed on Monday morning. The 11-foot three-inch alligator had been living in … Read More

‘New level of stupid’: Tourists throwing carrots at alligator

In Fripp Island, South Carolina, a “new level of stupid” has hit a local resort as tourists were seen throwing carrots and harassing an 11-foot alligator.

According to the Facebook page for the Fripp Island Read More

Golfers rescue dog who took a swim in alligator’s lake

At the Olde Cypress community in North Naples, Florida, a Labrador retriever owes his life to three golfers who rescued the dog from the deadly jaws of an alligator. Carbon, a black Lab who loves … Read More

Large gator at Polk Nature Discovery Center captures media attention

In Polk County, Florida, an enormous gator has garnered thousands of views and more than 12,000 shares on social media  as he slowly crossed the path of shocked tourists. Of course, it’s not unusual for … Read More