Misunderstood German shepherd that may cost him his life

He’s handsome and his looks could “wow.” Tragically, the misunderstood German shepherd named Jake may not make it out of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Downey.  Animal Control officers labeled … Read More

Abandoned baby guarded from harm by 4 stray dogs

In Purulia, India, a seven-day-old abandoned baby was guarded from harm by four stray dogs. According to the Times of India, although the dogs couldn’t do much to help, they circled around her and … Read More

Exhausted stray pup at Chicago shelter

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Peewee’s owners: This is how you left your dog at the shelter

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Tiny and adorable yet no one wants lonely Pomeranian

Munchkin is tiny and adorable yet no one wants the lonely Pomeranian. On Friday, the seven-year-old male Pomeranian was transferred from the Carson Shelter to Downey – with hopes someone will notice him and make … Read More

Gracious old street dog nearly killed by flesh eating worms

A gracious old street dog, who regularly roamed a rural area of India where poverty abounds and many local residents barely have enough food for themselves, the dying pooch took refuge in the corner of … Read More

Compelling photo of lonely shelter dog captures heartbreaking plight

Update: Rescued by K9 Kismet

Shelby came in as a stray to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California on October 31. The lonely shelter dog watches through the bars of her temporary shelter … Read More

Homeless man fearing arrest stuffed dog in suitcase and tossed it in trash

The homeless man in New York City police arrested for animal cruelty on Thursday, after he stuffed his emaciated dog into a suitcase and tossed it in the trash, told authorities he was afraid he … Read More

Dumped senior shepherd having rough time with life at shelter

Rockie is a sweet dumped senior shepherd having a very rough time at the shelter after his family surrendered him at a time when he needed them most. For 11-years, Rockie was part of the … Read More

Puppy’s rear paws hacked off by vet student using dog as practice

A puppy’s rear paws were amputated by a vet student who used the dog as a practice patient in Miramar Beach in Goa, India. Prince, a 14-month-old mixed breed was discovered crying in a flooded … Read More