Orangutans and otters are friends and their story is charming

At a Belgium zoo, caretakers shared some heartwarming photos of a growing friendship between a family of orangutans and their neighbors – the otters. All the animals live together at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in … Read More

Disturbing images of starving lions prompts online campaign to save them

An online campaign to rescue five starving African lions at a park in the Sudan capital at the Khartoum’s Al-Qureshi Park escalated after a report that one of the lions died on Monday.

According to … Read More

Brookfied Zoo lioness dies from tragic fall just 2 weeks after mate died

At the Chicago Zoological Society, a female African lion had to be euthanized on Tuesday after she suffered life threatening injuries from an accidental fall just two weeks after the zoo euthanized her mate due … Read More

Family admits to setting off sky lanterns which killed 30 zoo animals

A devastating fire in Western Germany Zoo Krefeld  in the first moments of 2020 killed more than 30 animals including apes, monkeys, bats and birds. Police say the fire had been sparked by  Chinese sky … Read More

Germany zoo fire kills more than 30 animals sparked by sky lanterns

A devastating fire in Western Germany Zoo Krefeld  in the first moments of 2020 killed more than 30 animals including apes, monkeys, bats and birds. Police say the fire may have been sparked by the … Read More

Woman who jumped into lion enclosure at Bronx Zoo arrested

The woman who climbed into the the Bronx Zoo’s African lion exhibit last month was taken into custody on Wednesday. Myah Autry, 30, has been charged with two counts of criminal trespassing.

The entire bizarre … Read More

Father monkey died trying to protect his baby at Kansas zoo

A monkey who had been injured last month trying to stop an intruder from stealing his son after an apparent break-in at a Kansas zoo, has died. On Tuesday morning, the 32-year-old Tufted Capuchin monkey … Read More

Circus bear attacks trainer after being forced to push wheelbarrow

In a disturbing display of animal cruelty and the dire consequences using wild animals, a viral video captured the moment a 600-pound bear attacked its trainer in the middle of a circus performance in Karelia, … Read More

Cheetah cub and rescue dog have become best friends

Who would have thought a cheetah cub and a rescue dog could be best friends? In Cincinnati, Ohio, Kris, a three-month-old cheetah cub bonded with a rescue pooch named Remus.

According to the Cincinnati Zoo, … Read More

Germany animal services criticized for killing runaway circus zebra

In Stettin, Germany, a runaway zebra that had escaped from his cage while traveling with the Circus Barlay, was shot and killed by an animal services’ officer on Wednesday. The owners of the circus state … Read More