2 medical students arrested for throwing puppy from roof

Sonam Joshi

A disturbing 33 second video, shot in slow motion showing an Indian man throw a dog from a two-story terrace in the southern city of Chennai, sparked international outrage. Both police and animal advocates actively … Read More

Disturbing video of fireworks set off near dog sparks animal cruelty investigation

Fireworks dog 1

A Facebook video posted on July 4th showing a man igniting fireworks on his front porch in Atlanta, Georgia as the family dog stood within a few feet, has gone viral.

More than 78,000 people … Read More

Update: 2-month-old abandoned puppy clinging to life ‘needs a miracle’


UPDATE: Libre continues to fight. On Wednesday, Janine finally was able to hold the puppy as she updated everyone on the organization’s Facebook page stating it was the first time she was able to … Read More