Help Annabelle: 19-year-old dog dumped at shelter

Late last week, Annabelle’s owner dumped her at Miami-Dade Animal Services. What makes Annabelle’s surrender even more tragic is her age – 19-years-old. At the time of this sweet dog’s life when she needs her … Read More

Senior used to be ‘someone’s dog’ until she got too old

Five photos tell the heartbreaking story of a senior who used to be “someone’s dog” – that is until she got too old. On Friday evening, Dallas DogRRR -Rescue. Rehab. Reform volunteers noticed the dog’s … Read More

Kris Rotonda, a modern day hero for shelter animals


In the current days of negativity and animosity, when acts of violence and anger fill the newspapers and resound from our television sets, we are all looking for a hero.  Not a caped crusader … Read More

Owner dumped Buster because he was ‘too hard on her back’

At the Ramona Humane Society, an eight-year-old dog named Buster seemed to be crying real tears. Today was the worst day of Buster’s life – his owner surrendered him because he was “too hard on … Read More

Sam: Once adorable Shih Tzu adopted 3 years ago from Miami shelter

Meet Sam. This once adorable Shih Tzu was adopted from the Miami-Dade Animal Services three years ago. What happened to Sam?

“There are times when we want to scream and say ugly things to people

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Goat escaped slaughterhouse and will now have a storybook life

A goat that had been destined to be slaughtered for food was found on a Bronx street Saturday morning. The lucky little guy had been wandering on Locust Avenue when police officers spotted him and … Read More

$5,000 reward for return of stolen dogs and arrest of thieves

A $5,000 reward has been offered for the return of two stolen dogs and the subsequent arrest of the thieves who broke into the St. Landry  Parish Animal Control & Rescue in Opelousas, Louisiana. The … Read More

Sweet senior left at the shelter at 15 and no one has come to help

A 15-year-old cocker spaniel was left at the Carson Shelter in California. He needs help now, and it is hoped that someone will come to his aid.

Dubbed Ollie, he is currently being cared for … Read More

Tiesto: Dumped at shelter in pouring rain because too much trouble to walk him

Tiesto was left at the Carson Animal Care Center on Saturday during the pouring rain because his family no longer wanted the responsibility. It was the worst day of this six-year-old pup’s life; there is … Read More

Senior pup Rocky waits and watches for his family: No one came for him

Rocky is a senior, and his heartbreaking tale is just one of thousands, but when we see it and feel his pain, the reality sets in. For hours every day, Rocky sits, watches and waits … Read More