Over 60 dogs rescued from ‘informal’ breeding operation


Over 60 dogs were removed from a home where an “informal” breeding operation at a Larimer County, Colorado, home. On Tuesday, the Larimer Humane Society released information about the rescue effort which brought 63 Chihuahuas … Read More

11-year-old girl raises $250 in birthday funds for neglected puppy mill victim Libre

In Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, 11-year-old Liberty Miller declined all birthday presents and instead asked for the cash value; just so she could donate to the recovery expenses of a tiny puppy mill Boston terrier survivor named … Read More

Advocates stage protest against Lancaster SPCA in case of abused puppy Libre

In Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, a tiny Boston terrier puppy named Libre left for dead at a Lancaster puppy mill, slowly recovers and continues to garner supporters and fans across the country as the staff at Dillsburg … Read More

Heartbreaking puppy mill reject rescued at auction

In the heartbreaking reality of puppy mills, a two-year-old Beagle identified as #75 by a tag tied around her neck with a rope, was rescued on Saturday from an auction in Missouri by Lil’ Rascals Read More

Dying puppy rescued from Lancaster puppy mill showing improvement

A tiny four-month-old puppy nearly dead, rescued on the 4th of July, is  showing marked improvement. According to Janine  Guido, from Speranza Animal Rescue, the puppy named Libre had a banner Monday morning. On the … Read More