Detroit animal shelter owner accused of killing thousands of pit bulls

A disturbing post on a  Detroit dog rescue’s Facebook page continues to create a media frenzy as irate animal advocates are asking for a thorough investigation.  On Saturday, No Place Like Home Rescue of Michigan, … Read More

False report of ‘dog bite’ leads to the death of 2 beloved family dogs

In Baltimore, a report of two aggressive, loose dogs and the subsequent false report of a dog bite ended with the shooting death of what authorities described as “two unconfined, aggressive pit bulls.”  On Saturday … Read More

Who killed Mary? A sad message to irresponsible owners

At the Lancaster Animal Care Center in California, Mary lost her life on Wednesday. She was quietly led to the backroom of the shelter. She trembled with fright with her tail tucked tightly between her … Read More

Three injured pit bulls turned away at Chicago shelter

More discrimination against dogs breeds occurred at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control Shelter this past week after a worker refused to help three injured pit bulls. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the dogs … Read More

Breed specific prejudice creates hardships everywhere

We have all heard of and have been angered over the recent decision in Montreal to ban all Pit Bulls because of breed specific prejudice.  It has become a worldwide epidemic and is happening right … Read More

Cesar, pit bull in Staten Island held For 6 months on false Allegations

It seems BSL is continuing to rear its ugly head, not only in the controversial activities of Montreal but here in the United States as well. Dogs are being seized from their families on the … Read More

Canada judge questions pit bull ban: Lacks clarity

On Monday morning, Superior Court Justice Louis Gouin questioned Quebec’s pit bull bylaw stating he has concerns over how a “pit bull type dog” is defined, reports the CBC. The bylaw came into effect on … Read More

Dog owner responds to Montreal ban on pit bulls in best way

When popular animal advocate Lynn Dalton, of Ishpeming, Michigan reacted to the news of Tuesday’s legislation as Montreal City Council voted 37-23 to ban the ownership of pit bull type dogs, she posted a photo … Read More

Heartbreaking photo of Montreal pet owner training dog to wear muzzle

Ask Erika Ashley Matta, who lives in Laval, Quebec City Canada how her dog named Lucky has reacted to the news of Tuesday’s legislation when Montreal City Council voted to ban the ownership of pit … Read More

Shame on Montreal: City council bans pit bull type dogs

On Tuesday afternoon, Montreal city council voted  37-23 to ban the ownership of pit bull type dogs thus changing the animal control bylaws, reports CBCNews.

The antiquated breed specific legislation (BSL) which judges all dogs … Read More