‘Jealous’ dog mauls twin newborn babies to death

Newborn twins in Brazil were mauled to death by one of the family dogs in what has been described as a possible act of “jealousy.”

According to the Daily Mail, Elaine Novais left her … Read More

Dachshund with cow spots on his body loved by social media

Dachshunds are usually easy to spot – they have short legs, long bodies and dark brown or black coats. Then there’s Moo – a Dachshund who commands a second look; not because he’s so adorable … Read More

Teen stabbed family cockatiel in fit of rage banned from owning animals

In Sunderland, England, a teenager has been banned from owning any animals after stabbing the family’s pet cockatiel in a fit of rage.

According to the Northumbria Police, press release, Aaron Ray, 18, stabbed … Read More

Elderly woman gored by bison trying to take photos

An elderly woman from California was gored by a bison on Thursday at Yellowstone National Park after getting within 10-feet of the wild animal to take photos.

“The series of events that led to the
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Family rescues bear swimming with a jug on his head

A family in Wisconsin was on Marshmiller Lake for a day of fishing when they encountered something unusual. Initially, Brian, his wife Tricia and son Brady thought that they were approaching a log in the … Read More

Woman ‘kicks’ out at swans mating while witness pushed into canal

In Limehouse, East London, a woman allegedly kicked out at a pair of mating swans and then a witness was pushed into the canal. The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating Friday’s incident and have asked … Read More

Photos of stray dog painted green by animal abusers in Malaysia go viral

Several photos of a stray dog spray painted green wandering in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia have gone viral. In a series of heartbreaking pictures, the dog looked sick and weak; he had no food to eat, … Read More

Pony kicks tourist on beach after being hit with shovel

Near Ocean City, Maryland, Assateague Island National Seashore spans 37 miles of beautiful beaches. On there, more than 300 ponies wander the beaches, the inland forests and the salt marshes. Tourists come far and wide … Read More

Baby elephant attacked by hyena losing his trunk rescued

In northern Kenya, a baby elephant who fell into an underground tank and tried to use his trunk to investigate the ground above, was attacked by a hyena who chewed it off.

The Reteti Elephant Read More

Alligator enjoys afternoon chillin’ on pool float at Miami Airbnb

A family from Georgia faced quite the unusual experience this week when they spotted an alligator lounging on a pool float at their South Miami Airbnb.

According to the Miami New Times, David Jacobs … Read More