Junkyard dog was too friendly and his medical issue is heartbreaking

In the Dallas area of Texas, Moose lived nearly his entire life as a junkyard dog. Although his job was to guard the business, it seemed Moose preferred to greet strangers; and as the greeter, … Read More

Firefighters in St. Louis rescue 10 newborn puppies from house fire

On Friday, the St. Louis Fire Department rescued ten puppies from a house fire in the northern section of the city. Firefighters responded to a call about a house on fire on the 4500 block … Read More

Sad little blind senior spaniel at shelter broke everyone’s heart

On Friday, Barney was rescued by Camp Cocker Rescue from the South Los Angeles City Shelter. The sad blind cocker spaniel broke everyone’s heart.

Check out his video:

OHMYDAWG!Here's one of our new shelter doggies

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American dentist who killed Cecil the lion slaughters rare sheep in Mongolia

The American dentist from Minnesota is believed to be back to slaughtering animals for his trophy collection. Walter Palmer, 60, returned from another hunting trip in Mongolia  after killing an Altai argali – the largest … Read More

Dyed hot pink rabbit tossed like trash in Nyack park

A dyed hot pink rabbit was discovered on Friday morning by Good Samaritans at the Nyack Memorial Park in New York. As if someone dyed the rabbit for their own selfish enjoyment and no longer … Read More

Disturbing video of baby calf tossed off bridge leads to cruelty arrest

A disturbing video on social media of a baby calf being pulled from the trunk of a vehicle and then cruelly tossed off of a bridge has led to the arrest of a man charged … Read More

Frightened dog waited next to his deceased pal in middle of busy road

In the Laurel, Mississippi area, SCAR -Southern Cross Animal Rescue received a call on Monday morning asking for help. Two dogs were spotted in the middle of the road; one of the dogs had been … Read More

Two-month-old ‘Little Mary’ thrown in trash in desert heat didn’t survive

Volunteers tried so hard to save two-month-old “Little Mary.” What could only  be described as a heartless monster who abandoned the helpless puppy by a dumpster in the Mojave desert heat of California on Sunday, … Read More

Fisherman in India who caught dolphin in net carries it back out to sea

In Purina, India, a fisherman who accidentally caught an endangered dolphin in his net, picked it up and gently carried the dolphin away from the nets before releasing it back into the sea.

According to … Read More

Navy officers rescue exhausted dog from sea

In the Bay of Talcahuano, in the Chilean region of Biobio, sailors from the Chilean Navy spotted a dog paddling for his life in the ocean after a turbulent storm. The dog desperately tried to … Read More