Pony kicks tourist on beach after being hit with shovel

Near Ocean City, Maryland, Assateague Island National Seashore spans 37 miles of beautiful beaches. On there, more than 300 ponies wander the beaches, the inland forests and the salt marshes. Tourists come far and wide … Read More

Baby elephant attacked by hyena losing his trunk rescued

In northern Kenya, a baby elephant who fell into an underground tank and tried to use his trunk to investigate the ground above, was attacked by a hyena who chewed it off.

The Reteti Elephant Read More

Alligator enjoys afternoon chillin’ on pool float at Miami Airbnb

A family from Georgia faced quite the unusual experience this week when they spotted an alligator lounging on a pool float at their South Miami Airbnb.

According to the Miami New Times, David Jacobs … Read More

Dog ate his brother’s treat: His apology will melt your heart

Watson and Kiko are dog brothers and live in Washington State. Every once in awhile, cuteness takes over naughty and as we look into those big brown eyes, we already know our canine friends are … Read More

Zookeeper faces backlash after flaunting video riding a beluga whale

Chinese social media users of Weebo slammed a zookeeper at an aquarium after the worker shared a video on social media of himself riding a beluga whale. Animal lovers called him a “show off” and … Read More

Rescuers help nearly doomed German shepherd mom with 9 puppies

In Cedartown, Georgia, a rescue organization stepped in to help a severely injured German shepherd and her nine puppies.

Animal Control had been dispatched on Sunday to pick up a dog after she was struck … Read More

Wildlife too often suffers from the cruelty of man

In a heartbreaking report hearts were broken yesterday in Holbrook, Massachusetts when an innocent animal was captured in the steel jaws of an illegal, barbaric leg hold trap. Monday’s morning tragedy involved wildlife – just … Read More

Alcohol addicted monkey who bit 250 people imprisoned for life in zoo

In New Delhi, an alcohol addicted monkey has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the Kanpur Zoo. The monkey had been going through alcohol withdrawal when it went on a mad spree – killing one … Read More

Punjab man kills 6-month-old puppy after spreading fake rumor it had rabies

A cruel man who allegedly killed an innocent six-month-old stray puppy in Punjab, India has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

According to the IndiaTimes, Gurpteet Singh, was a trash collector in the … Read More

Miserable abuser dumps dead dog in trash bag in front of home


In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, an animal advocate was shocked, angry and sickened on Wednesday morning when she opened the front door of her home. Just 50-feet from Roxanne Shanaman’s front porch, some miserable … Read More