Horse repeatedly kicked by owner after collapsing in Havasu Fall hike

A group of hikers on a tour in Havasu Canyon witnessed a horse repeatedly kicked after it collapsed on a trail on Thursday. The owner tried getting the horse back on its feet – still … Read More

Dozens of dogs shot in Morocco ahead of FIFA visit to host World Cup

Dozens of dogs have been shot and killed in Morocco ahead of the FIFA visit to assess the country’s suitability to host the World Cup. The FIFA World Cup is an international association football competition … Read More

Virginia passes law requiring non-animal test methods to be used

For years, animals have been subjected to unimaginable cruelty by researchers who have utilized them for product testing. Outside of a laboratory setting, the procedures performed on these “research” animals would have resulted in animal … Read More

‘Pinky’ held at animal shelter for 2 years after spat with cat released

In Des Moines, Iowa, an eight-year-old dog named Pinky, held at an animal shelter for two years after a 2016 spat with a cat and thus labeled “dangerous,” was released on Monday after a long, … Read More

Cloned baby bison at Yellowstone National Park enjoying life

Alright, so the baby bison doesn’t have a name like Spot or Tiger. She is referred to as IVF 1. Wondering how that came about? She is the first  calf born from in-vitro fertilization which … Read More

Adorable: Therapy dog Spencer braves cold for Boston Marathon runners

Have you ever seen anything this inspiring or adorable? In Holliston, Massachusetts, a therapy  dog named Spencer braved the cold and rainy weather to cheer his human friends onto victory at the Boston Marathon on … Read More

City Council apologizes to owners ordering them to muzzle dogs at home

The Christchurch City Council apologized on Monday morning to owners of dogs called “menacing” after ordering them to muzzle their dogs inside of their own homes. Dog owners in the city of Canterbury, New Zealand … Read More

Iowa city suspends police killing feral cats after public outrage

In Jefferson, Iowa, after public outrage and pressure from animal welfare organizations, city administrators suspended the city’s practice of trapping and fatally shooting feral cats on Thursday. A city ordinance permitted residents to use traps … Read More

Durham restaurant serves up ‘tarantula’ burger: Win a t-shirt

If you’re in Durham, North Carolina, and if you can get past the “ewwww” factor, could you say yes to dining on a “tarantula burger”?  Bull City Burger and Brewer has concocted this strange dish … Read More

Video depicts University of Alabama students abusing wild duck

In a graphic video posted on students’ Instagram account Monday evening showed two students with a wild duck – one person holding the animal up by its neck. The University of Alabama students’ account Old Read More