9 newborn puppies and their mother abandoned in San Antonio bushes

An abandoned mother dog just gave birth to nine puppies in the bushes in San Antonio, Texas. The puppies, all cuddled together in an effort to stay warm through the cold and rainy temperatures, cried … Read More

Police K9 Titan shot by suspect running away during traffic stop

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a St. Petersburg Police Department K9 and a deputy are recovering after being shot by a suspect running away during a traffic stop on Friday morning.

According to the St. Petersburg Read More

German shepherd found roaming the streets with atrophied leg

Near Frisco, Texas, a German shepherd roamed the streets scavenging for food. Besides having been a stray and desperately scrambling to survive, the dog faced a worst challenge; his back leg had atrophied after it … Read More

Unlicensed owner shot his pet zebra after animal escaped from home

In Callahan, Florida, a pet zebra that escaped from his home was shot and killed by its owner who was not licensed to own the animal.

According to the Naples Daily News, the zebra, … Read More

Zoo’s heartbreak following unexpected death of two young elephants

Staff at an Indiana zoo has expressed heartbreak following the unexpected death of two young elephants. Within a span of less than one week, the Indianapolis Zoo lost the two youngest elephants in their herd. … Read More

Two dogs involved in 4-year-old child’s hand bitten off will live

In Layton, Utah, two dogs involved in an accident where a 4-year-old child had his hand bitten off, will not be euthanized.

According to AbcNews, the dogs have been surrendered to Davis County Animal … Read More

Miami woman last person caring for 4 missing dogs from rescue

A Miami-Dade woman was the last person known to have been caring for four missing dogs after she agreed to transport and care for them for $1,250; she has yet to inform the animal rescue … Read More

Russian traveler arrested for trying to smuggle baby orangutan for pet

At a Bali airport, a Russian traveler was arrested on Friday night for trying to smuggle a baby orangutan in his luggage back to his country to become his pet. The man now faces a … Read More

UFC Frank Shamrock admits to tying dog to pickup truck and walking away

In Dallas, Texas,  UFC legend Frank Shamrock has admitted to tying a dog to the bed of a pickup truck at Dallas Love Field and walking away. Police were called after a concerned man reported … Read More

Toddler mauled and killed by two dogs in Fresno

In Fresno, California, a one-year-old toddler was mauled and killed by two dogs that had escaped from their home on Friday.

According to Your Central Valley News, police responded to an emergency report of … Read More