Family mourns death of two Great Danes who died during transport from Michigan to California

A family is mourning the unexpected loss of their two dogs, who died while being transported by a company from Michigan to California. As reported by the Detroit Free Press, the Ervin family hired … Read More

Sweet 16-year-old pup’s family missed their role about loyalty and left him at a shelter

A sweet 16-year-old dog should be lazily lounging on a soft bed in a loving home enjoying his retirement. It seems, however that Jet Black, a Labrador retriever mix, tearfully missed out and found himself … Read More

El Paso man charged with animal cruelty after his dog starved to death in his backyard

An El Paso man was arrested on Wednesday after his dog died in his backyard. Daniel Travon Reddick, 24, has been accused of starving his three-year-old female husky named Duchess who died on June 7.… Read More

Owners moved away, leaving dozens of cats inside of home without food

Dozens of cats and kittens in South Carolina have been spared a slow and painful death, no thanks to their former owners. On Tuesday, the Florence Area Humane Society posted images of the cats, and … Read More

Goldendoodle Harley saved fawn in lake and then loved on her keeping her safe

In Culpeper, Virginia, a Goldendoodle named Harley has captured the hearts of animal lovers after his story of rescuing and falling in love with a tiny fawn went viral on social media. The dog’s owner, … Read More

No-kill shelter addresses backlash over ‘behavioral euthanasia’ for several dogs

A no-kill animal shelter in Hampton, Virginia, has released a statement about their need to put several dogs down. Animal Aid Society commented on the so-called “behavioral euthanasia,” which was required for four dogs in … Read More

Chihuahua rips off woman’s eyelid during an eyelash appointment

A Georgia woman suffered a gruesome injury while at an appointment to get eyelash extensions. As reported by Yahoo News, 23-year-old Kelsey Salmon recounted the terrifying incident on TikTok, explaining that a Chihuahua at … Read More

Africa’s famous lion ‘Scarface’ died peacefully at game reserve

Scarface, the 14-year-old lion died peacefully on Friday at Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The magnificent lion died peacefully.

“At 1 pm local time, Scarface took his last breath. He died in peace with any

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Dogs rescued from animal clinic fire died from heatstroke after being placed in parked car

Two dogs that were removed from a Clearwater, Florida,  animal clinic died from heatstroke after being left inside of a parked car. As reported by WGN 9 News, two dogs were taken out of the … Read More

Rescue continues fight to save emaciated dog who was locked away in a shed

A Minnesota-based rescue agency is continuing its fight to save an emaciated dog who had been locked in a shed in Texas. The Northern Lakes Rescue agency took the skeletal dog, dubbed Trinity, under its … Read More