‘Aggressive’ dog struck by police car captured and safe

In Newark, Delaware, the surviving dog Newark police stated was “aggressive” and foaming at the mouth last week was captured by the Office of Animal Welfare on Thursday evening. An animal control officer was able … Read More

Police search for man seen on video kicking dog as it yelps in pain

In Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, authorities are searching for a man captured on video kicking and yelling at his dog. Police released the surveillance video stating the incident occurred on May 12 after several witnesses in … Read More

Florida man poisoned, beat, shot and suffocated 3-month-old puppy

In Defuniak Springs, Florida, police arrested a man who allegedly poisoned, beat, shot and eventually suffocated a three-month-old puppy to death and threw its body in the woods. Roquan Willis, 19, was arrested on Friday … Read More

Shocking video shows Spanish bull suffering during fiesta

A shocking video has caused outrage as a Spanish fighting bull is shown having a possible “seizure” during the running of the bulls celebration in the Valencia region of Spain on Wednesday.

According to the … Read More

Chinese school kids torturing dog in graphic video sparks online outrage

Authorities in eastern China are looking for at least two school children seen in a graphic video circulating online showing a dog being tortured to death. The incident occurred in Xuzhou on Thursday night. The … Read More

Puppy found wrapped in sheet next to creek and left to die

In rural Georgia, an emaciated puppy wrapped in a sheet, was found by concerned citizens walking by the side of a creek on Wednesday. Not sure of what may have been lying there, the couple … Read More

Baby ferret mailed through US Postal Service chewed way out of box

A baby ferret, obviously not happy how about her travel arrangements, chewed her way out of a cardboard box at the United States Postal Service in Denver, Colorado late last week.

According to CbsNews, … Read More

Wild turkey lays 18 eggs and refuses to leave man’s yard

A wild turkey waddled into a Staten Island, New York backyard one week ago and decided to make a home for her new family. She then proceeded to lay 18 eggs and defends her soon … Read More

Teen arrested after SnapChat video showed kitten tortured and killed

In Wichita Falls, Texas, a teen was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after an investigation involving a SnapChat video shared on social media showing juveniles torturing and killing a kitten. A second arrest is expected this … Read More

Woman mauled and killed by seven Dachshund type dogs

Seven Dachshund type small dogs mauled an Ardmore, Oklahoma woman to death while she was outside of her home late last week. All of the dogs have since been captured by the Ardmore police department’s … Read More