Oden suffered in silence after hit by car multiple times: Now he has been saved

In the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas, Oden suffered in silence for a long time. He had been struck by vehicles multiple times, dragged himself to the side of the road and survived despite … Read More

70 police dogs and community honor K-9 Officer Bane’s memorial

Hundreds of police officers, community members and more than 70 police dogs gathered in the South Valley of Tulare, California on Wednesday to honor the life of K-9 Officer Bane with the Tulare Police Department. … Read More

Bill proposed in New Jersey to provide attorneys for cats and dogs in court

A new bill has been proposed by New Jersey State Assemblywoman Annette Quijano that would provide attorney representation for dogs and cats in court. Law students and attorneys could volunteer to represent the pets pro … Read More

Puppy had to be revived with Narcan after drug exposure

A puppy in Warren County, Ohio, had to be revived with Narcan after being exposed to drugs. According to WLWT News, the 12-week-old mixed breed puppy had been living in a house where drug … Read More

Woman died from rabies after being bitten by dog while away on a yoga retreat

A Virginia woman died from rabies after being bitten by a dog while she was away at a yoga retreat. The incident took place in India and the woman did not realize that the dog … Read More

Never give up: Animal advocates refused to let dog suffer from abject neglect

In Salisbury, North Carolina, animal advocates refused to let a dog suffer from horrible neglect.  Never give up! On Sunday morning, photos of the dog were posted on social media. The emaciated dog, lying on … Read More

Seven Chincoteague ponies have died from ‘swamp cancer’

Within the last few months, three female Chincoteague ponies have died plus four other ponies have been euthanized after what has become referred to as “swamp cancer.” The fungus-like disease produces painful lesions and other … Read More

Seals forced to perform in black, feces filled water at China mall

Two seals were forced to perform in black, feces filled water at a mall in eastern China as part of a New Year’s celebration. The spotted seals were brought to the Yongsheng Plaza in the … Read More

Faulkner County deputy fired after shooting and injuring small dog during call

In Conway, Arkansas a deputy has been fired after a video showed him shooting a small dog during a call for service. The incident occurred on January 4 and involved  Faulkner County Deputy Kennan Wallace.… Read More

Plea to help 52 horses headed to slaughter – please stop trying to save them

Animal lovers are frantically trying to save 52 horses that are reported to be heading to slaughter – the problem is, the post that is being widely circulated on social media is old. Very old … Read More