Hunter grinning and bragging about moose kills draws online disgust

Calling herself an “outdoor enthusiast,” Jessica Grays’ latest post on social media, showcasing 20 photos of killing a moose while hunting in Alaska, has set the pace for a river of comments of disgust from … Read More

Kill bison lottery: National Park Service garners those ‘good with guns’ to cull herd

The National Park Service (NPS) has been looking for volunteers who are “good with guns” to kill bison in the Grand Canyon. Currently statistics state there are 600 bison in the area, and wildlife personnel … Read More

Cecil the Lion’s son, ‘Xanda’ killed by trophy hunter in Zimbabwe

Just two years after Cecil the Lion was killed by a big game trophy hunter from the United States, one of the lion’s cubs was shot dead in Zimbabwe a few days ago. The six-year-old … Read More

Wildlife fights back – hunter captures heart stopping moment on video

A hunter captured the heart-stopping moment that wildlife in the Fire River area of Ontario, Canada, fought back. Richard Wesley was on a spring bow hunting outing when he caught sight of a bear in … Read More

Kill a coyote in exchange for free hunting license in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is calling it the Georgia Coyote Challenge where the state is inviting people to hunt or trap coyotes to win a prize.  Humane advocates are outraged and call the … Read More

Inauguration fundraiser: Hunting trip with the Trump sons for $1 million

For one million dollars, there’s the opportunity to start Donald Trump’s presidency off with a bang! Pony up the funds, and the day after the inauguration, a fundraiser entitled “Opening Day,” Donald Trump Jr. and … Read More

Hunter faces felony animal cruelty in deaths of 2 dogs

In Belmont County, Ohio, a hunter who shot and killed a man’s beloved two dogs is facing felony animal cruelty charges of prohibitions concerning companion animals. According to WtovNews, on Wednesday, charges will be … Read More

Hunter impaled by dead elk’s antler

A hunter was impaled by the dead elk’s antler he had just killed, after crashing his ATV on Saturday as he made his way back to camp. According to KatuNews, Gary Heeter, 69, of Bend, … Read More