Father and 9-year-old shot to death when mistaken for deer by hunter

In Walterboro, South Carolina, just two days after New Year’s 2020 began, a father and his nine-year-old daughter were shot to death by a fellow hunter who had mistaken them for deer.

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Donald Trump Jr reported to have killed endangered argali sheep in Mongolia

In the remote area of Central Asia, in Western Mongolia, the endangered argali sheep live. Best known for the curving horns which easily can span more than six-feet, the population of the rare animals continues … Read More

Pet lovers outraged at deceased dog found lying in the snow

Pet lovers have expressed outrage concerning an emaciated dog that was found deceased in the snow in the Village of Clayton, Wisconsin on Monday. Temperatures had been well below freezing and the wind blew stronger … Read More

Endangered Sumatran orangutan found shot 24 times rescued

Only a few Sumatran orangutans remain alive on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. A large male was found late last week with 24 air-pellets in his body – including 16 lodged in his head.

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Disturbing viral video shows two teen hunters torturing helpless buck

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a disturbing viral video allegedly shows two teen hunters torturing a helpless buck in the most egregious manner. The Pennsylvania Game Commission responded amid the shock and disgust from social media.

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Hunter kills rare albino deer near residential neighborhood

Residents of House Springs, Missouri said they loved watching the rare albino deer quietly roaming in their neighborhood. Sadly that all came to an end on Tuesday when a hunter shot and killed the deer … Read More

Hunter fatally shot horse after mistaking animal for a deer

In Northern Minnesota, a hunter fatally shot a horse after mistaking the animal for a deer. The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

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Hunter gored to death by deer he thought he shot and killed

In Yellville, Arkansas a hunter was critically gored and died from antler punctures on Tuesday night. Thomas Alexander, 66, believed he had successfully shot a deer and had made plans with his nephew to field-dress … Read More

Teens trap rabbits for their hunting dogs to chase and kill

In the Eastbourne area of East Sussex, two teens lured rabbits with carrots into cages and then placed the innocent victims in front of their hunting dogs to brutally kill tear them apart. Liam Smith … Read More

Bear bites hunter’s companion in self defense after shot by woman

A bear tried to defend himself after a woman shot him with a rifle late last week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The gun shot only wounded the animal, and as is alleged “hunting manners”, the … Read More