Dozens of dog beds donated to lonely and sad shelter dogs

If you could ever could join me as I walk down the aisles of animal shelters, like me, you may not remember the color of their coat or if their ears stood up or flopped … Read More

K-9 tracking team search Pinelands for 87-year-old woman’s lost cat

Deep in the Pinelands of New Jersey, a four-year-old cat is still missing and military officials are using a K-9 tracking team to help in the search, reports Mokey the cat

In this very special situation, an … Read More

Adoptable 5-year-old Lab faces death because shelters are full

Jazzy is everything good you hear about Labrador retrievers; her kindness even shows in her eyes. Tragically this five-year-old extremely adoptable dog faces euthanasia because the shelters are full, and there’s just no room to … Read More

Senior Lab who served her owner faithfully as hunting dog lies heartbroken in high kill shelter

For all of her 12-years, Cammy served her master with loyalty and love. Trained as a hunting dog, Cammy never lost sight of her duties and proudly followed directions with the utmost pride. Then why, … Read More

Storing dry pet food and making sure it’s safe

Our four-legged friends  are often thought of as part of our families, and of course we want their foods to be nutritious, safe and tasty. So what should be done to make sure Fido or … Read More

Tiny dog rescued from 121 degree vehicle

A Pomeranian was rescued from a hot car with temperatures recorded at 121 degrees on Thursday, after the dog’s owner left her in a vehicle while inside a medical facility, reports the Johnson City Press. Read More

Owner orders 6-year-old shepherd euth’ed as dog cries and tries to follow family

UPDATE: Macadoodle has been adopted and is settling in with his new family. Many thanks to everyone who shared this dog’s story. Please consider putting the same effort into more dogs at risk.

Surrendered … Read More

Boxer adopts orphaned bird after it fell out of its nest

In Kent, England, a woman’s rather adorable but goofy Boxer has developed a bond with an orphaned bird that fell out of tree in the garden of his home. rusty the gentle giant cover

On a Facebook page called Rusty Read More

Sarasota man intentionally sets bunny on fire for nipping

A Sarasota, Florida man faces animal cruelty charges for intentionally setting a pet bunny on fire, reports the BradentonHerald.

florida man burns bunny

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Manasseh Walker, 22, was charged on Thursday with setting … Read More

11-year-old friendly dog dumped at shelter for no reason

Butter the dogIt was the 4th of July as families and friends gathered together to celebrate; that is except for Butter. The 11-year-old Chinese Sharpei was surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center without even a reason. … Read More