Deputy rescues crying kitten and falls in love at first ‘meow’

Deputy Sheriff C. Bowling from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida had stopped at a local store to buy a beverage when he heard a faint crying in the dark. Grabbing his flashlight, the … Read More

Dog survives 45 days after he fell from 550 ft cliff

A dog who fell from a 550 feet cliff miraculously survived 45 days after he slipped out of his leash in Eype, Dorset to chase sheep. Somehow the spunky pooch, despite breaking his leg and … Read More

Fat cat weighing in at 40-pounds needs a home and a diet

In New York, a cat weighing more than 40-pounds needs a home and a diet. Meet Barsik who is five-years-old and tips the kitty scale at 41 pounds arrived at the shelter on Friday with … Read More

Baby ferret mailed through US Postal Service chewed way out of box

A baby ferret, obviously not happy how about her travel arrangements, chewed her way out of a cardboard box at the United States Postal Service in Denver, Colorado late last week.

According to CbsNews, … Read More

Mississippi man petitions government to use food stamps to buy pet food

If pets are so often referred to as part of the family, and families should not be separated when a financial crisis occurs, should the federal government modify the rules of food stamps to make … Read More

Pet Insurance A Workplace Perk? Yep!

Pet insurance as a workplace perk? Yep – it’s a real thing! According to this week’s press release from Nationwide Insurance, pet health insurance is “quickly becoming one of the most requested voluntary benefits” among … Read More

Florida rescue shelter trying to find homes for 25 kittens

We’ve all heard the term “it’s kitten season;” however, do we ever stop to think about how many unwanted kittens are being born into this world and where they end up?

According to a post … Read More

Breezy’s Legacy, rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned animals in Central Florida

On Monday night, May 22nd, 2017, a severe thunderstorm blew across the Orlando, Florida area. Above the sound of thunder and pelting rain, the mewing of a tiny kitten was heard. Two good … Read More

Kitten rescued after getting stuck on 12-story ledge

In Singapore, a lucky little kitten surely used up one of her nine-lives … and so soon when she jumped out of an open window and got stuck on a ledge 12-stories high.

According to … Read More

Heartbroken traveler searches everyday for lost cat at LAX airport

When a lonely woman from Rome looked forward to beginning her new life in Costa Rica, an overnight layover at Los Angeles Airport drastically changed her fate when her constant companion and emotional support cat … Read More