Hopeful faces wishing you will fall in love and adopt them from shelter

At Roswell Animal Services in New Mexico, there is an open house on Sunday – and could it be your forever friend is just waiting with hope in his eyes? The shelter is open and … Read More

Rescued, abused dog teaches us resilience in times of crisis.

Egg Roll, a stray dog, taken in by the Stafford SPCA  in Stafford, Virginia is a lesson to all on resilience of spirit and rising above personal suffering in the time of crisis.

When Egg … Read More

Thieves took off with desperately needed supplies from Florida shelter

At the Humane Society of the Nature Coast located in Brooksville, Florida, the shelter was broken into on Sunday night wiping out nearly all of the supplies needed to help local pets – both unwanted … Read More

Rescue dog has star quality

Chaplin, a rescued dog in Portland, Oregon definitely has star quality.  Like the famous actor she was named after, Chaplin, or Chappy to her friends, had a rough start in life.

Her mom PeeDee was … Read More

Rescued kitten needs emergency surgery

A rescued six-month-old kitten had to undergo emergency surgery.  The kitten, now named Crystal was rescued from a wooded area near Deltona, Florida. A Good Samaritan came across her while feeding some other homeless cats.… Read More

Dogs and cats can not spread coronavirus to humans

Dogs and cats can not spread the novel coronavirus to humans according to experts; nor can a human give the Covid-19 to their pets either.

In an out pour of internet panic after a 17-year-old … Read More

Two animal shelter directors accused of illegally euth’ing 330 pets

Two former animal shelter directors in Hamilton Township, New Jersey on Thursday, have been accused of allowing 230 cats and nearly 100 dogs to be illegally euthanized before they could be placed up for adoption … Read More

Dog with horse as best friend gets on hind legs to show his love

In Harryda, Sweden, an Australian shepherd has a horse as his best friend. Meet Orion, the lovable pooch and his mustang pal Destiny. And so the problem began because a dog isn’t tall enough to … Read More

Rescue in Bahamas brought 97 dogs into home ahead of Hurricane Dorian

In Nassau, Bahamas, a woman brought 97 dogs into her home to make sure they were safe from Hurricane Dorian. On Sunday, animal rescuer Chella Phillips, posted photos of the dogs with the following heartwarming … Read More

Best friends: Miniature horse and goose need a new home

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a miniature horse and a goose are “besties.” In fact, the two go everywhere together and lean on each other for support.

According to the Bucks County SPCA, Hemingway the goose … Read More