‘Jabba the Hutt’ puggle lost half her weight to become more adoptable

At the Stark County Humane Society in Louisville, Kentucky, a severely overweight puggle, who weighed nearly twice her healthy body weight, became an Instagram star and found a new home. Vet tech Meredith Wille has … Read More

French philanthropist left 50 Russian museum cats money in his will for their care

In the basement of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, a group of nearly 50 cats having been living there for centuries. Catherine the Great, the founder of the museum, designated the cats as … Read More

Extreme neglect yet this little pup holds no grudges as rescuers clean him up

At the Houston SPCA, the newest resident came in on Friday severely matted, urine soaked, flea-infested, underweight and with painful skin lesion as a result of his matted coat. His matting was so bad, … Read More

White House opens door to the dogs including rescued German shepherd

The White House will soon to home to two German shepherds – one of them adopted from a shelter two years ago. For the past four years, there have been no pets during President Trump’s … Read More

Toddler found inside of kennel in trailer with 10-foot boa constrictor

In Henry County, Tennessee, three people face child abuse and animal cruelty charges after a toddler was found inside of a kennel in a trailer with mice and snakes – including a 10-foot boa constrictor.… Read More

Bonded seniors heartbroken after sick owner surrendered them to Texas shelter

All their lives Feisty and Lady felt loved and secure. Sadly, life doesn’t always follow the best laid plans, and when their owner became ill and too weak to care for the bonded dogs any … Read More

Hurricane Laura alert and help needed at Humane Society Louisiana

As a Category 4 hurricane approaches, volunteers and staff at the Humane Society of Louisiana are making last minute preparations by renting vans and mobilizing national adoption partners to get animals out of town ahead … Read More

Owner of escaped kangaroo in Ft Lauderdale charged with misdemeanors

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida Kangaroo Jack escaped from his yard after pushing the gate latch and happily hopped along the busy streets of a crowded city late last week. His owner had been at work … Read More

Heartbreaking update on one of the kittens left to burn in cardboard box

In Des Moines, Iowa, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa,  rescued a box of nine tiny kittens believed to be from four to six weeks of age were late last week while authorities had … Read More

Louisiana animal shelter vandalized, kerosene poured on food and dogs let loose

The DeRidder Animal Shelter in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana was vandalized, kerosene poured on pet food, equipment stolen and the shelter dogs let loose over the weekend.

On the Humane Society of Louisiana’s Facebook page, the … Read More