Herd comes to rescue of young elephant when its trunk is grabbed by crocodile

An elephant herd took revenge on an attacking crocodile one week ago, while a young elephant was drinking water at a lake in Liwonde National Park in Malawi and a crocodile leaped out of the … Read More

Atork the Elephant suffered 2-hours before dying after authorities used AK-47

Tourists visiting eastern Cambodia who wanted better pictures of a 60-year-old elephant and begged the handler to unchain the animal, watched as police opened fire on Atork the elephant after he trampled his owner to … Read More

Shameful: Elephant is starving in Venezuela zoo because they can’t afford to feed her

In the Curicuao Zoo in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, Ruperta the elephant is starving to death. The zoo claims they cannot afford to feed her, however officials have turned away concerned citizens and animal … Read More

Villagers knit ‘jumbo jackets’ to protect elephants from the cold

Animal lovers in Mathura, India have been knitting sweaters for sanctuary elephants at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation Care Center. The rescue is currently home to 20 elephants who are blind, lame or being rehabilitated. … Read More

Viral photo of elephants sharing one last moment together is heartbreaking

The viral photo of two elephants sharing one last moment together, as their trunks touch and their eyes longingly gaze upon each other, sadly reminds us how heartless humans can surely be. A Facebook image, … Read More