Baby elephant used for ‘selfies’ dies one day after separated from mother

In Kurubarahandi, India, sightseers anxious to have “selfies” with a baby elephant that lost its mother died less than 24-hours later. According to the Express, excited villagers grabbed their cellphones – even as the … Read More

Man caught thrashing his dog with belt

Another viral video has animal advocates in India and across the world outraged at the cruelty towards a dog as his owner beats the animal mercilessly with a belt on the front lawn.

According to … Read More

India captors beat young elephant with canes breaking its hind leg

In a disturbing and shocking event in India, a video has garnered viral status as a young elephant is shown being savagely beaten by its India captors to be used in the tourism trade.

According … Read More

WH says decision on elephant and lion trophies brought back to U.S. not final but…

At the White House press briefing Thursday afternoon, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters when asked about the reported policy shift referencing the ban on elephant trophies lifted and whether he changed his views on hunting, … Read More

Elephant and lion trophies brought back to U.S. legal again says Trump

In another reversal of an Obama policy, prohibiting the importation of endangered animals back to the United States, has been overturned by the Trump administration. The restrictions were put in place to discourage the hunting … Read More

Nosey the elephant finally on her way to retirement

In Moulton, Alabama, Nosey the elephant was led onto a trailer headed to an elephant sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee – on her way to retirement; at least we all hope. Earlier on Thursday, a judge … Read More

Hunters capture baby elephants twisting their trunks and kicking them for Chinese zoos

More than a dozen frightened, wild baby elephants have been captured by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), from the Hwange National Park to be sold to Chinese zoos. Zimparks is responsible for conserving … Read More

Elephant tramples hunter who was trying to kill him

A 46-year-old hunter from Argentina was killed when one the elephants that he was trying to kill trampled him to death. The hunter, has been identified as Jose Monzalvez – the deadly incident happened on … Read More

Baby elephant killed in auto accident on Malaysia highway

A young elephant was found dead on the side of the road in a pool of blood recently after he was killed in an auto accident in a Malaysia national park area. According to authorities … Read More

South African big game hunter crushed by elephant falling on top of him

In Zimbabwe, a professional South African big game hunter was killed on Friday after an elephant shot by a member of the group fell. Theunis Botha, 51, had been walking with his friends when three … Read More