Protesters demand release of lonely ‘Happy’ the elephant at NY Zoo

On Saturday, about 100 protesters rallied around “Happy” the elephant’s enclosure at the Bronx Zoo and demanded she be released to an animal sanctuary after living in isolation for the last 13 years. The group … Read More

Baby elephant tied to his mother collapses while mom gives tourist rides

A baby elephant, tied to his mother by a rope and chain, collapsed in exhaustion from the extreme heat while his mother gave rides to tourists in eastern Thailand late last week. The elephant calf, … Read More

Elephant tramples man to death after being ‘pelted’ with her infant calf

It happened in Ajnashuli, West Bengal, India, as a protective mother elephant had been pelted by local citizens shortly after giving birth to her infant calf. The Daily Mail reports the mother tried desperately to … Read More

Asian elephants trained in the most cruel methods possible

Asian elephants have been hunted, captured and trained for more than 4,000 years. They are rarely bred in captivity since a female elephant is pregnant for 22 months, nurses her baby for two more years, … Read More

Poacher hunting rhinos trampled by elephant and eaten by lions

A poacher in  the Kruger National Park in South Africa was trampled to death by an elephant and eaten by a pride of lions on Wednesday.

Elephant poachers killed in shootout

The person killed has not been named, however The Read More

South African elephant Riff Raff eludes death sentence

In Hoedspruit, South Africa, Riff Raff, the bull elephant will not be shot dead for knocking down fences and trampling on farmland. Animal activists have managed to secure a reprieve for the 45-year-old pachyderm.

According … Read More

Trophy hunter that shot sleeping lion identified as man from Illinois

There continues to be an outpouring of disgust after the video of a trophy hunter surfaced, showing a man sneaking up on a sleeping lion and then shooting it. Guy Gorney, 64, of Manhattan, Illinois … Read More

Elephant being beaten to lie down accidentally crushed his trainer

In Kerala, India, an elephant trainer was accidentally crushed to death after he hit the elephant so hard the man lost his balance and fell underneath the animal.

According to Mail Online, video of … Read More

Social media outrage at Georgia safari hunter killing 2 young elephants

A social media outrage has erupted after photos from a safari hunter, with ties to a company in Georgia, show him with an elephant shot dead during his “trophy” hunt expedition in Zimbabwe.

According to… Read More

Thailand baby elephant died after tethered by hunter and abandoned

In eastern Thailand, a one-month-old baby elephant died  on Friday after suffering a serious injury when a hunter tethered her by her leg and abandoned her in a forest. The infant was discovered by villagers … Read More