Help needed for gentle-spirited German shepherd beaten up on the streets

An eight-year-old German shepherd, referred to by volunteers at the North Central Shelter in California as a gentle-spirited dog, needs urgent help. Virgil was found wandering the streets badly wounded after what appears to have … Read More

Phoenix’s story: Dog dying in gutter turns out happiest of endings

Phoenix’s story might not have had a happy ending had the timing been different, but when volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited showed up after they received an emergency call that a dog had been lying … Read More

Urgent: Not one dog adopted all day at overcrowded Texas shelter

At the Texas Animal Control in Odessa, not one dog was adopted on Tuesday. Not one dog was saved by a rescue organization after volunteers from the group Speaking Up For Those Who Can’t.


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Abandoned pups waited patiently for their owner to return

A pair of skinny dogs rested on top of two piles of discarded trash in the Oak Forest area of Houston on Monday. When a volunteer with Pets of Oak Forest, a group of animal … Read More

Bonded pair ‘freaked out’ when shelter tried to separate them

Bonded “Scooby and Blackie” freaked out when the shelter staff at San Bernardino City Animal Shelter tried to separate them. Sadly, on May 29, their owner surrendered them with one of the most discouraging and … Read More

Senior dog survives being dumped at high kill shelter

There has been, and possibly has always been a disturbing trend of people dumping senior dogs at the county shelters; trading them in for a “newer model,” aka a puppy. There has also been the … Read More

Three neglected poodles betrayed: Heartbroken siblings mourn loss of home

Three terribly neglected poodles were surrendered to the Carson Animal Care shelter on Friday. They are so overwhelmed and are in need of help. According to the shelter volunteers, the dogs will all be groomed … Read More

Heartbreak for Lucy as she is led back to shelter kennel for second time

Poor Lucy – a friendly senior German shepherd has been surrendered by her different owners twice. Over a month ago, she was brought to the Miami Dade Animal Services in terrible condition, yet she waited … Read More

Family dressed puppy in her pink sweater to leave her at Miami shelter

Chanel is a five-month-old puppy, but somehow she lost the love of her family very quickly. On Wednesday, they dressed her up in her pink sweater, invited her into the car for a ride, and … Read More

Family calls Animal Service to pick up their five-year-old no longer wanted Boxer

Roxy has a very sad story to tell. For five years the friendly Boxer lived with her family, but one day, they called Animal Services to pick her up. Roxy was loaded into a truck … Read More