Owner dumps 15-year-old Poms ‘Chucky and Milo’ at crowded shelter

After 15 years of having a home, Chucky and Milo were surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center; the reason – their owner didn’t want the responsibility of caring for the bonded little Pomeranians. The … Read More

Obese Siberian husky surrendered to shelter after struck by golf club in the face

Two years ago, Belca had been on a walk with her owner when she sniffed another dog; moments later the owner of the other dog struck the Siberian husky in the face with a golf … Read More

14-year-old Australian shepherd dumped in shelter to die frightened and alone

Update: Sad news to report – Titan was euthanized

Titan is a 14-year-old Australian shepherd brought in as a stray into one of the most crowded California shelters on August 17. His family had until … Read More

14-year-old dog, Rocky doesn’t understand his owners don’t care anymore

How does anyone explain to a 14-year-old dog his owners don’t care anymore? Rocky spends all day from his display room howling trying desperately to either call for the family who surrendered him or attract … Read More

Dumped! 16-years-old and ‘you leave me at the shelter to die’

Dumped! Lia just wanted to be loved. Thought to be 16-years-old, and at a time when a hug, a kiss and a soft bed could make all the difference in the world for a gentle … Read More

Dumped? Repeatedly bred until Great Dane could no longer produce puppies

Jersey was brought into the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles, California as a stray on August 19.  The seven-year-old dog has been bred over and over again. Mammary tumors have developed; her neglect is … Read More

What happened? Handsome husky returned to shelter 8 days after his adoption

Animal advocates trembled in fright and anger after a handsome white Alaskan husky was returned to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center just eight days after having been adopted with bites and open wounds near … Read More

Dog run over twice and left for dead in Miami, Florida

Lucky, a medium sized brown and white male dog, was run over by a vehicle, not once but twice in the area of Miami, Florida. The vehicle ran over him once, then backed up and … Read More

Oreo shivers in shelter kennel: Dog thought she was going for a car ride

Poor Oreo; on Tuesday the sweet collie was grinning from ear to ear thinking she was going for a car ride. What dog doesn’t love the warm breezes sailing through their faces and having another … Read More

Owner didn’t want his 16-year-old pooch after discovering dog was still alive

Penny is a delightful 16-year-old pooch who has a story to tell; too bad it is so sad. Brought into Baldwin Park County shelter as a stray, some careful detective work discovered a link to … Read More