Breaking our hearts: Help needed for senior Chi Honey Bee

Little Honey Bee is breaking hearts. His sad little brown eyes look up at everyone as they pass by his shelter cage in the medical section of Carson Animal Care Center. His shelter information includes … Read More

Milo is just 4-months-old and already he was rejected by his family


Meet Milo – just four-months-old and because he wasn’t perfect, his family left him outdoors since he was barely able to eat for himself. This gorgeous German shepherd puppy suffers from vestibular syndrome and … Read More

Addie: Just 3-years-old, abused to breed and then tossed away

A friendly and lovable three-year-old female bulldog was tossed away. On July 30, Addie was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center; she had no microchip nor did she wear a collar. Shelter staff and … Read More

Just heartbreaking: 18-year-old seniors stuck in Georgia shelter

In another heartbreaking senior alert, Abbey and Bogey were surrendered on July 18 by their owner to a Georgia shelter. Abbey is an 18-year-old spaniel mix and her bonded pal is Bogey, a 17-year-old neutered … Read More

Family surrenders 5-year-old German shepherd for ‘barking’

It was a very sad day on Saturday for five-year-old German Shepherd Frieda. She obediently walked in on a leash to the North Central Shelter in California and waited patiently while her owners filled out … Read More

Frightened Lab snuggles up to shelter volunteer for reassurance

In Kingsville, Texas, a frightened black Labrador retriever snuggled up to a shelter volunteer for reassurance. The three-year-old, named Shilah, has no promises for a home; tragically she faces humane euthanasia. Her situation is urgent.… Read More

Shepherd so scared she ‘pancaked’ as she was surrendered to shelter

Poor Elsa. The young, white shepherd was so scared as she was surrendered to the shelter, she literally “pancaked” onto the floor hoping no one would notice her. Maybe her owners would take her home … Read More

Heartbreak alert: 14-year-old Muneca brings tears to our eyes

Who can imagine what Muneca has endured for most of her life? Still, the 14-year-old pooch manages to get along; basically balancing on just two of her legs; her will to live has not declined.… Read More

Foster: Miniature poodle surrendered in taped up box with his head out

A three-year-old miniature poodle named Foster was surrendered by his owner in a taped up cardboard box; only the dog’s head stood out.  Confused and frightened, all he could do was look around and wonder … Read More

Lonely Gracie: ‘Someone must want to love me’

Lonely Gracie just wants to cuddle up in someone’s lap, but no one has come forward to help. According to the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson, NC, Gracie was surrendered to the … Read More